Don't mention the war!

Happy Halloween, what what! Our GM was out trick-or-treatin' with his mini-me yesterday, so we didn't have a session. However, there were a few more quotes left over from the road trip in September/October, so here's more of our stereotyping musings from the good countries of Germany, Netherlands and Belgium. Oh, and France.

This is basically just a post to have something to post this week, as opposed to not posting at all. We're back again next week.

"Was ist zhis 'war' zhing of which you don't speak?"

“BAD Dürksheim! I wonder what it did.”

“The German satnav lady is too soft-spoken. It was ‘Keep right toward … silence’. It should’ve been ‘Mannheim’.”
“We don’t speak of Mannheim or what happened there.”

“Why is no one doing the speed limit?!”
“They see it as a suggestion, not a rule.”

(Never Gonna Give You Up starts playing)
“You’s just Rickrolled the PSP!”

(Sees a sign for Heilbronn)
“Heil, Bronn! And how’s the little fella?”

“This looks very … derelict.”
“Welcome to Severance, Belgium!”

“How do you say ‘cheers’ in Dutch?”

“The Welsh are bilingual too.”
“Well, if you count gibberish as a language …”

“Ooh, you said those words! Controversial!”
“What? ‘Ice age’?”
“Yes. You’re like denying the creationists their religion and everything.”

“That needs screen-capping.”
“Oh, it was.”

“Everything’s better with bacon. Next thing that gets done should be bacon custard.”

“Why does Dunkerque have a picture of Errol Flynn on its sign?”

“We could go for a crêpe.”
“I’m not sure I’m able to go at the moment.”

“Germany is better than France. FACT.”

“So now Germany is famous for Nazis, crazy traffic management, castles …”
“Bakeries, speeding … more bakeries.”
“And ice cream.”

Well, it's better than nothing. Or, in this case, nothing might have been the preferred option, especially if you don't subscribe to our peculiar sense of humour. *cough*