Occasionally, things happen that makes us unable to play our regular scheduled game. For this session, we were one player short, which we didn't know beforehand, and as we were about to embark on a new adventure, we ended up playing a boardgame instead: Merchant of Venus, an updated version of a classic game about space exploration.

There was lots of setting up and trying to figure out how to play it, so we only managed about three or four rounds before we had to start packing it back away again and go home. We had fun, though, and there will be less prep time next time we play it.

Courtesy of Wednesday 5 December 2012's Merchant of Venus boardgame session at Chimera, with added comments from the next table over, who were playing Mutants and Masterminds, and who were perhaps a bit more talkative than we were.

Player 1: “We’ll be reading the rules like programmers read a spec sheet.”
Player 2: “But you ARE programmers.”
Player 1: (gasps)

“Psychotic sculpture? Are you sure this isn’t Cthulhu?”

“I know, but I don’t know that.”

“That makes perfect sense. Our reading audience is now up to speed. Thank you.”

“We’ll come to you, but we need to wrap a man in cloth.”

“Personally, I would’ve done it the other way: those are the one’s you’re using.”
“Yeah, because that would be less confusing.”

“Look for a writing pad that says ‘MY EVIL PLAN’ in big, block letters on the cover.”


“Oooh, they have little stands as well! We’re playing ‘til midnight.”

“It’s all starting to make sense.”

Incidentally, the week after, we didn't have a session, because the GM was away, but I snaffled some lines from the next table over again. *cough*