Roleplayers invent new measurement

This week's post is the conclusion of our Arkham Horror the boardgame adventure started a couple of weeks ago. We have a new member of the group, which proved very, very useful for winning the game. Well, that and reading the actual winning conditions in the manual ...

As a bonus, some twaddle from a gaming day at a friend's house - where we got through both Relic, Articulate and The Good, the Bad and the Munchkin.

Courtesy of Wednesday 3 April 2013's Call of Cthulhu: Arkham Horror boardgame session at Chimera.

“Holy moly, that’s nasty.”
“Let’s hope it goes away.”

“‘Search through the common items deck and take the whiskey card’. Wahey!”
“So fitting for all your characters.”

“It’s really easy!”
“‘Make a Luck check or be devoured’.”
“Oh. I missed that.”

“Pepper them full with lead. I’ve heard monsters are allergic to lead.”

“HOW?! HOW is it always HIM?!”
“It’s always Nyarlathotep.”

“You can pay $2 to get all your Sanity back. Look at that. BUPA.”

“Yeah, I think both monsters should go on places I’m not.”

“Can I fight it as it’s evading me?”
“Come back, monster!”

“So we win the game?”
“It’s good that you found the win condition.”

“I hope you can get a t-shirt saying ‘We defeated Nyarlathotep’.”

“Salty liquorice is like sweet and sour, but different.”
“It’s not sweet and sour. I LIKE sweet and sour.”

“My Facebook settings are so lax that serial killers can stalk me.”
“Oh, I do.”

Saturday 6 April 2013

“Do you want to roll?”
“Not really, then I get blamed.”

“You don’t want to move there.”
“Yes I do, so I can nick stuff off you.”

“I’m trusting you with my house, so if I come back and the house is spray-painted or a bunny’s dead …”
“Don’t worry, I haven’t killed a bunny since I was 11.”
“… That’s not as reassuring as you think.”

“It can’t be better than my dream last night. I dreamed we were selling my bollocks on eBay.”

“Do we have a die?”
“We are roleplayers. Of course we have dice.”

“They’re in America. They’re –”

“Did you have to put them back?”
“It’s like hating on the special kid.”

“Name of Christ’s mother.”

“The pizza machete? Because everything’s better when you go massively overboard.”

“So how much is a colonial fuckton?”

For the next post, we're going back to Deadlands Noir. The GM has already stated he has no idea how we're going to survive it. Gee, thanks. See how we get on next week!