Welcome to Louisiana Fried Rat, can I take your money?

Exciting times ahead! Hatch and Murphy are still blissfully clueless their new accomplice is long dead, because he's still doing things like moving around and talking. Ohhh the hilarity that will ensue when they finally succeed on those Notice checks!

In other news, the team decided to find out where the singing dame's fanboy/stalker lived by tracking down his place of work (a bank), pretending they wanted to interview him for a newspaper article. He hadn't come in to work, as it happened, but by promising to do a favourable article on the bank manager - and later do him a favour pro-bono (it's difficult even typing those words!) - by discreetly investigating why the guy wasn't at work, the trio finally found their way to his apartment.

Sadly, it seemed to mostly be a dead end. And there wasn't even any money in it. Hey GM, we've all got rent to pay, you know!

Courtesy of Wednesday 17 April 2013's Deadlands Noir adventure at Chimera.

“I’ll tick off the one’s I’ve had on the menu. See if I can collect the whole set.”
“Thai Pokémon.”
“Gotta catch ‘em all.”

“We need to earn money.”
“Earn money? This is the wrong system for that.”

GM: “You’re not dead yet. Well, one of you is.”

GM: “It didn’t come up until you became Harrowed.”
Player: “Yeah, I’m awkward that way.”

“Are Pokémon players as dangerous as a knife?”
“Not physically. Mentally, on the other hand …”

“That’s the only time you can use Bennies.”
“Eating salty liquorice?”

Player 1: “That’s the fourth mouse we’ve caught now.”
Player 2: “Get a cat.”
Player 1: “The dog would eat the cat.”
Player 3: “Wow, it’s just like a Tom & Jerry episode!”

“You could start a company called ‘Louisiana Fried Rat’ and compete with the Colonel.”

“He COULD have hired someone to do it if he’s well-to-do.”

“By stealing this milk, we’ve done a service to the community.”

“We’ll pay her back some day.”
“No we won’t.”

“An orphan could have come along in a few days and drunk it an died.”
“We have prevented a great tragedy by taking that milk.”

Sutcliffe: “Are you a reporter?”
Murphy: “YES.”
Sutcliffe: “Do you have a press pass or something?”
Murphy: “No. I’m freelance.”
GM: “You mean jobless.”

“Maybe you Swedes have cinnamon rolls with béarnaise sauce.”
“… It wouldn’t surprise me.”

GM: “I’m making it look like HSBC but with fewer people.”

Bank NPC: “Take a seat.”
Player: “Do they give us a beverage?”
GM: “It’s not that advanced.”

Murphy: “We could write a whole article about you.”
Bank manager: “Oh, I wouldn’t want to intrude … I’m free next Tuesday.”

GM: “I’ll tell you his hindrances.”
Player: “Is ‘Raving Narcissist’ one of them?”

Murphy: “We do it for FREE?!”
Hatch: “I know, I nearly choked on the words.”

“The long arm of the law became the right hook of the law.”

Murphy: “Take care of yourself.”
Hatch: “Top of the morning.”
Murphy: “I think we just swapped lines.”

“Predictive text blues: Woke up this morning … na-NA-na-na-na … Tried to type an umlaut …”

GM: “To be fair, there’s a lot of smoke in the room now.”
Sutcliffe (chainsmoking): “Really? Why is that?”

What peculiar characters might we bump in to next? Find out in the next exciting instalment!