Is sugarcane flammable?

This session was going to be the last one, but as luck would have it, combat tends to take longer than expected, so we had to pack up and leave it for next time.

You see, we went back to Manchac. The town had been torched by some bad guys, who had driven up to Morgan Freeman's house (the one Sutcliffe didn't burn down). We requisitioned a vehicle and drove up there, blew up one of the trucks and walked through fields of sugarcane toward gunfire.

On the plus side, we found the dame we'd been looking for, and her brother, and a Voodoo priest.

On the downside, we also found a gang of baddies with a tommy gun.

On the other hand, the invisible monster was also about to show up ...

Courtesy of Wednesday 22 May 2013's Deadlands Noir adventure at Chimera.

“‘It’s a delicacy in this country’ translates into ‘kill the foreigners’.”

“If you take America and China and squeeze them together really hard, you get North Korea. Squeeze them into a ball, then Kim Jong Il pops his head out, singing ‘I’m so ronery’.”

“We’ve gone through cannibalism and straight to Hitler. This is beginning to sound like an online forum.”

“Don’t question the mad man.”

GM: “We’ve just discovered your best defence strategy.”
Player: “What, running away?”

“I bet they’re fighting an invisible demon. I better jack up the price.”
“Happens to me every time I go to Morrison’s.”

GM: “Are you doing anything on the train?”
Murphy: “Praying to God we survive this thing?”
Sutcliffe: “I don’t think I’m a believer.”
Murphy: “I’m Catholic. I’d feel too guilty not to.”

“Ahh, I love the smell of Molotov cocktail in the morning! Smells like victory.”

GM: “Moe sees you.”
Player 1, pretending to be Moe: “It was them!”
Player 2: “That would be awkward.”

Sutcliffe: “That’s not the car I saw. I didn’t see ANY car, but that definitely wasn’t the car I saw.”

Sutcliffe: “My conscience would be slightly eased if someone else also burned down a house.”

“Sell it on eBay or something. Whatever you do with stolen goods.”

“I, [Player], have no Demolition skill, but I’m pretty sure I could blow up a truck.”

Murphy: “Hey, I actually HAVE Stealth!”
Hatch: “You’re practically a ninja compared to us.”

GM: “You actually have a disparate skill to Hatch. Mind. Blown.”

“That brings back weird memories. Of dynamite and vampires.”

GM: “Two people CAN go on the same square. If you’re fighting or humping.”

“Ooops, I wrecked your tower of people.”

“That’s one way of killing them, I suppose. Throwing undead at them.”

GM: “That’s a gut shot. That’s a dead ‘un.”
Sutcliffe: “I know how that feels.”

“Only a roleplayer would google ‘is sugarcane flammable?’”

“Even demons here are in-bred.”

“The NPC used all his bennies shooting at us? Oh, WHAT a shame. I hope he’s okay.”

“I wouldn’t want to be in his shoes right now. I bet they’re full of poo.”

“He doesn’t know? We do. Has he not noticed the change in music?”

For the next three sessions, we'll be doing something else because we're a player down so can't finish the adventure. First session will be a game of Relic, but not sure what's going to be after that. We'll see if it's quotable, and if it isn't, you'll find out what happened when a bunch of Jurisfiction agents invaded Wuthering Heights.