Some of these things make more sense than others

As the next place we needed to get to was about an hour or so away by car, we had to weigh our options very carefully. How could we get to the singer's home town, Manchac, and still have money left to pay rent at the end of the month? In the end, we decided to go to Fat Dan at the Absinthe House (a.k.a. the client) and ask if he had a car we could perhaps borrow, because we really needed to get somewhere.

He did. And he also got one of his guys to drive us up there.

We found out the family lived about four miles north of the town, which meant we had to say goodbye to the driver and walk. At the end, Morgan Freeman and his family were very hospitable and served up a tasty seafood gumbo, and then we went to bed.

Doesn't sound like a lot happened, perhaps, but just as we were finishing off the session, the GM asked Sutcliffe for a Spirit roll. After having spent his final Bennie on a re-roll, he botched ... It's Manitou time!

Courtesy of Wednesday 24 April 2013's Deadlands Noir adventure at Chimera.

“And now the whiteboard is Cthulhu-esque because there’s only the memory left of what it was, and now it’s haunting you.”

“$2.70 is so worth defrauding.”

Murphy: “What about catching a train? Or a bus?”
Hatch: “Look at us, highrollers. Return to Manchac, please.”

“I’ve done well so far. Or you’ve done badly, depending on how you see it.”

“Let’s just carjack someone.”

Player: “I successfully get a 1.”
GM: “You successfully fail.”

“Your Speak Alligator skill is greater than your Local Knowledge.”

“We can see the map on the back, we don’t need to ask the NPC.”

Sutcliffe: “Considering I’ve just crawled out of a swamp, I think you know more about the area.”

GM: “There have been deaths.”
Sutcliffe: “Death is highly over-rated.”

GM: “It’s only $3. How much money do you have?”
Murphy: “$25.”
Hatch: $36.”
Sutcliffe: “$8.50.”

“James Sutcliffe approves these actions.”

“Do you need an ashtray?”
“A BIG one.”

“I don’t know which hand to use.”
“Get a two-handed pipe!”

“Some of these things make more sense than others.”

Hatch (in a car): “Are we there yet?”

“He’s not alive anymore. He’s a VERY silent partner.”

“What’s the secret to living long and healthily?”
“Dying a decade ago!”

“We stroll along, mainly looking for --”

“You’ll be the odd one out, not being dead.”
“But I’ll smell great!”

NPC: “The devil! The devil’s in the drink!”
Hatch: “What’s he doing in there?”

“New Orleans don’t have the real, nice version; they just have the cheap IKEA version.”

“Any time when you need to bring out a bone saw, it’s a good thing to be giggling.”

“I suppose if we’re gonna knock on the door of a murderer standing there with an axe, at least we should give ourselves some warning first.”

GM: “He’s an older man with kind eyes.”
Player: “Is he played by Morgan Freeman?”
GM: “He’s more Morgan Freeman than Samuel L Jackson, yes.”

“His name was Smith something. D Smith.”

Murphy: “Is it gumbo?”
GM: “It appears to be crayfish gumbo.”
Murphy: “I have a slight genetic aversion to gumbo.”

“Our experience with gumbo has been kind of … personal.”

“Twinkies going bankrupt in America is like leeks going bust in Ireland!”
“You mean Wales.”
“That one.”

“I think it’s the Bennies you need to blame, not the dice.”

“It’s amazing how many times that’s phrased and it’s still not true.”

The only question now is what Sutcliffe did when the manitou took him over ... and whether or not Hatch and Murphy are going to notice anything's amiss ...