We're the very best at being BAD guys

Dr Sutcliffe is Harrowed, which is something both Hatch and Murphy seem to have accepted surprisingly quickly. They've gone out to get him meat and new clothing as if he was your perfectly ordinary convalescing OAP.

Not that any of us still have any sort of clues as to what has happened to the lady we're trying to find. Instead, we decided to have a closer look at Hexaco. We thought maybe we could sneak in, decided against it and tried to think of new lucrative business ideas to branch out to - like extortion and kidnapping. Then we ended up going to see one of the Hexaco people mentioned in an article about the "sabotage" in the swamps.

For some reason (i.e. money), we ended up accepting his offer of ridding the swamp of the swamp monster before the end of the week (in-game, it was Thursday) for a $200 return. Just to see if we could learn more about the swamp monster, we went to where the Voodoo people hang out, and spoke to Trevor ("call me Trevor - you can't pronounce my real name"), who gave us a spell type thing to use in order to make the spirit come into the mortal world and thus be killed.

Next session has DOOOOOOOOOOM written all over it.

Courtesy of Wednesday 15 May 2013's Deadlands Noir adventure at Chimera.

“Watching him barbecue in the dark is like watching Gorillas in the Mist.”
“What, he looks like Sigourney Weaver?!”

“I like my discs.”
“You still use optical media?!”

“I was going to help, but that looked funny.”

“Go go Gadget hooker spray!”

“It’s not really cannibalism, because you’re no longer human.”
“It’s only cannibalism if it’s corpses.”

“We didn’t take the money, we recycled it.”

“You’d never hire Ed Milliband to do an audiobook. Except maybe The Muppets.”

“That’s the second time someone’s said ‘prostitute’ now. Guess everyone’s been watching Game of Thrones.”

“So what you’re saying is that anchovies are basically Hitler.”

“I like all kinds of mushrooms. Except the poisonous ones.”

“We went back to the office, carrying a carpet. A little while later, the carpet woke up.”

“We’ve adapted very easily to having a living dead in the house.”

“I hope everyone takes care of me this well when I become undead.”

Murphy: “We don’t have to feed him!”
Sutcliffe: “I like to eat sometimes. Don’t be so corpsist.”

“Pope Benedict Cumberbatch is the Emperor.”

“What you’ve never missed, you never had. Or the other way around.”

“You roll rubbish and I’m the king of the world!”

“The GM’s doing that face. The ‘oh god, why are they wanting to do THAT?!’ face.”

Hatch: “We obviously don’t want to ask him if he plays golf.”
Sutcliffe: “‘Did you kidnap and murder this woman?’”

“He’s a baddie, though.”
“Yeah, I know. But we gotta eat.”

“Let’s get back to the swamp, it’s a goldmine!”

Sutcliffe: “I spent 15 years in that swamp.”
Murphy: “Then WHY aren’t you rich?!”

“That’s going to happen, isn’t it? Proof that you’ve got rid of an invisible monster. It’s like saying aliens exist because I hear them in my head.”
“You hear them too?”

“Do we have anything dicey on Hexaco?”
“Aside from what we already know?”

“Okay, so we’re gonna have to make a few Persuade rolls, but ASIDE from that.”

“I thought they were the bad guys, but we’re becoming bad guys too, very quickly.”

“You ‘accidentally angered’ them, so now they want to kill you?”

GM: “It took you about three hours to get out of the swamp. On a good day.”
Player: “That wasn’t a good day.”

“Would you like to come with us and clear the swamp of the monster?”
“I’m a businessman, not a bloody fool!”

“We’re already talking about our characters in the past tense, did you notice?”

GM reckons we now only have one session left of the adventure. Or half a session. The rest of us aren't sure whether that's a good thing or not.