Dances with zombies?

After having successfully obtained the zombie boardgame Zpocalypse off Kickstarter, we decided to play it, as we're still a player short, and therefore want to wait until starting Delta Green back up.

In Zpocalypse, the zombie apocalypse has happened and you're trying to not get swarmed by zombies (we did), or get our brains eaten (we did), but y'know, survive and kill them all (we didn't). We didn't even survive the first night.

As we played, though, we realised how we should have been playing it from the beginning, so if we play it again, we're probably going to try that instead and see how we could hopefully become a bit more resilient.

Although, it should be pointed out, at least half of these quotes were snagged from the adjacent Mutants & Masterminds table. *cough* We love you?

Courtesy of Wednesday 19 June 2013's Zpocalypse boardgame session at Chimera.

“The dwarf is Han Solo.”
“I could see that working.”

“I’m taking a time machine and going back to 1977 and swapping two roles. Warwick Davis as Han Solo and Harrison Ford as that Ewok.”

“Chibi Han Solo.”
“No, that’s Chewbacca.”
“Don’t EVER say that.”

“I really need a knife for this.”
“We can offer you a second fork.”
“That’s just going to frustrate me.”

“I think I deserve extra XP as well.”

“I’m perfectly happy to start selling XP. I’ll be talking to your GMs.”
“The shop has become a free-to-play MMO!”

“Is joining someone’s game now DLC?”

“It’s okay, we can hate you secretly.”

“I was sitting there giggling.”
“You’re not much of a humanist, are you?”

Dogma confirms everything we already know: Alanis Morissette is God.”

“I’m enjoying this way too much.”
“I’m having bad flashbacks.”

“It’s a long while since I’ve had to look up Charles Manson’s stats; gimme a minute.”

“I’m useful! See, I told you I’d be useful.”

“I’m just looking at where you are and thinking, ‘keep it’.”

“I remember D&D. After every battle, everyone comes up to the Cleric: ‘Cleriiiic … I got hurt. I really like your god, honest. We’re like best friends. What’s his name again?’”

“If you have a gun. Otherwise you’re just dancing with zombies.”

Two young children: “Don’t worry, we’re coming out of the bunker helping you!”
Last survivor: “You are? Gee, thanks.”

What we're doing next session has yet to be determined. It might be another go at Zpocalypse, now that we know how to play it.