Let’s get ready to fumble!

Ahh new week, new game! This time, we've gone for Hunter: The Reckoning, which the GM has set in modern day Derby. The new characters are as follows:

  • Eddie Smith, 23, football hooligan
  • Matilda Churchill, 53, parapsychology professor
  • Trevor Simmons, 28, circuit judge
  • Zolistagol Bagridan, 48, ancient history professor

Lord Simmons was in court, letting Eddie Smith's brother go. Meanwhile, at Derby University, the two professors held their respective classes. After work was done, the court people were driving home, the professors were on the bus ... and they all had strange visions. Someone, who turned out to be a monster, drove his - and Eddie's - car off the road, along with the bus. And it all got very, very strange ...

Courtesy of Wednesday 23 October 2013's Hunter: The Reckoning roleplaying session at Chimera.

“We MIGHT need four character sheets each, depending on how survivable this is.”

“We’re three learned people and a lunatic.”

Player: “What year is it?”
GM: “2013.”
Player: “Woohoo, Google Maps!”

GM: “Make a Striking Fear Into Children roll.”

Player 1: “Here’s where you want to roll four ones. That always goes well.”
Player 2: (rolls three ones)

Player: “How many illegitimate children does your character have?”
Eddie: “Iunno.”
Player: “Good answer!”

(mitigating circumstances for chavs) “We had to drink Stella, they’d run out of cider.”

GM: “You swear on all you find holy, including Derby County.”
Eddie: (gasps)

Eddie: “I shout obscenities at him, Nottingham Forest fan and worse.”

“Fuck stealth, we’ll get there quickly instead.”

(After the GM gives a long, graphic description of a monster)
Eddie: “So, essentially, we see him as a lawyer is.”

GM: “This thing SMELLS …”
Eddie: “Lawyer.”
GM: “Dead!”
Eddie: “Like I said.”

“Here’s the twist: you’re not a judge anymore, you’re a witness.”

(Succeeding on an Etiquette roll against the monster)
Monster: “You’re quite right, I’m behaving most foolishly. I should lie down and wait for the authorities.”

GM: “If you die, it’s not my fault. Much.”

Matilda: “I rolled net zero.”
GM: “That’s fine.”
Matilda: “For you or me?”

“Do what I mean, not what I say!”

“Let’s get ready to fumble!”

Trevor: “Oi, Smith! I definitely didn’t see a baseball bat in the back of the car and I definitely won’t see you using it to bash his head in.”

GM: “He looks at you briefly but his gaze sort of slides off you and fall on the other two instead.”
Matilda: “I’m fine with that.”

“I play a football hooligan. I never thought I would.”

“When you’re a lord, everything’s licensed. Laws don’t apply to you.”

Well, surviving the first session is good work. Let's see how we get along with these new characters!