Are we doing one dead body a day now?

After we busied ourselves with doing things like trying limited edition crisps with weird flavours, we got down to actual roleplaying. We had food in the same fancy restaurant as before (Eddie wasn't happy about his fish and chips, because herb-crusted seabass and frites or something like that wasn't greasy enough), and when meeting up at the university, in Tilly's office ... shit got real. As in, there we were, having a nice meeting, and what happened? Murderous zombies attacked us. It was very uncalled for.

On a happier note, Trevor went and got himself a bodyguard. The bodyguard turned out to be less than ecstatic over his 10k/day salary when he realised we'd be chased by near-indestructible zombies and not just general thugs. In the end, we made our way to Trevor's it's-a-house-not-a-mansion, for some televised football and lager (Eddie), breadmaking (Trevor), bathing (Tilly), and researching (Zolistagol). And then we were attacked again, and it all got a little unpleasant.

Courtesy of Wednesday 6 November 2013's Hunter: The Reckoning roleplaying session at Chimera.

(We try the limited – FOR A REASON – edition Pringles flavours “mint chocolate” and “sweet cinnamon”)
Player 1: “Neither of those fuckers work.”
Player 2: “So I’ll enjoy them as much as I’d enjoy trying salty liquorice?”
Player 1: “No, you should definitely try it. Once.”
Player 3: “It’s a flavour sensation.”

“He can handle surstr√∂mming, but he can’t handle mint chocolate Pringles.”

“But are you strangely compelled to eat more?”
“Yes. Kind of.”

“You can always lick the Pringle and then throw it away.”
“You’re really not selling them to me.”

“They’re half-way between a scone and a cake, so a coke.”

GM: “You can’t be in front of the door.”
Player: “I’m pretty sure I’m on the floor above.”

“I think we can safely assume none of us are psychic, because no one saw that coming.”

GM: “Make a DEX Sneaking Around roll.”
Player: “You mean Stealth?”

“Guns don’t kill people, fireballs do.”

“‘Strike knob hard’. OWWW! – Oh, THAT knob.”

“Shit! It’s now a Whitewalker!” (after spraying a zombie with CO2)

Eddie: “By the way, judge, I’ve never heard that noise before.”
Trevor: “You’re aware I’ve read your case file, right?”

GM: “-1 dice penalty.”
Player: “That’s rude.”

“Throw a chair at it! Not the orthopaedic one, obviously.”

GM: “Roll your Dexterity and Athletics.”
Tilly: “So my Dexterity, then.”
GM: “And Athletics.”
Tilly (patiently): “So my Dexterity, then.”
GM (gets it): “… Yes.”

Zolistagol: “Rasputin’s balls! What’s going on?!”

“Hit the glowing thing! What can go wrong?”

Eddie: “You know, Trevor … you’ve always been a bit of an asshole, but I think I like you.”

GM: “Gain one Conviction.”
Player: “Eddie has many convictions.”

GM: “You remember a few words of French from school.”
Players 1+2: “Eddie went to school?!”
GM: “For a year.”

“Are we doing one dead body a day now?”

Eddie: “Is he on morphine or something?”
GM: “You don’t know.”
Eddie: “I don’t care. Mixing drugs is fun.”

Player: “This house that isn’t a mansion, does it have a 50 metre drive, by any chance?”
GM: “50, 60, it’s about the same, right?”

Bodyguard: “I don’t know WHAT you people saw.”
Zolistagol: “What do you mean ‘you people’?”
Tilly: “What do YOU mean, ‘you people’?! – Yes, I got to use that line in context!”

Trevor: “I’ve become ill. I’ve caught religion.”

Trevor: “He was burned with the righteous fire of God!”
Eddie: “I’m so glad I’m drinking beer and watching football.”

“Game hunting? Is that like going to Betfair?”

In the next episode, we order pizza and battle monsters in the kitchen!