Finding Axcalibur with a d10 frag grenade

Seeing as how we were going to check out a warehouse, we got tooled up. The Russian especially, he went to B&Q and really went to town. Tilly went home and got tooled up mentally, by looking through books, finding an obscure reference to a Czechoslovakistani blood ritual cult from the early 1800s, headed by a guy whose name even the GM had trouble pronouncing, but "Tonsillitis" is close enough.

After meeting up at Starbucks, we also got tooled up very below board in a car park. Now we're carrying some old, sawn-off shotguns with ammo, a couple of handaxes and a bigger, diamond-edged axe Eddie took such a shine to that he named it Axcalibur.

At the warehouse, we heard voices ... saw footsteps ... and witnessed the carrying of a big box that definitely was from an Indiana Jones film, even though the GM insists the box really doesn't contain the Ark of the Covenant. Shots were fired (not by us), and suddenly we found ourselves face to face with the warehouse owner. In the words of the Teletubbies: uh-oh.

Courtesy of Wednesday 20 November 2013's Hunter: The Reckoning roleplaying session at Chimera.

GM: “I’m not at all terrified and worried about how tonight’s gonna go.”

“… I’m gonna remember him as Tonsillitis.”

NPC: “He’s gone to Manchester.”
Eddie: “The club?”
NPC: “No, the city. He lives there now.”
Eddie: “Poor man.”

Window fitter (to Trevor): “Mate … nothing personal, but … did you let a rhino run through your kitchen? Or a bull?”

“How much fertiliser are you gonna buy? It’s a serious question.”

“You’re a lord, of course you need ladies’ make-up.”

“He’s more likely to eat the code than analyse it.”

“World War 2 pump action shotgun.”
“World War 2?! You can get heavier stuff than that in St Ann’s!”

Trevor: “You just need to wrap duct tape around it. I may have read … somewhere … in a case file.”

Tilly: “You wouldn’t see it if you had it on underneath your clothes.”
GM: “You look a bit bulky in a stab vest, though.”
Tilly: “If someone says that to me, I’ll just say ‘are you calling me fat?!’ and then they’ll wish they hadn’t.”

“Is it Axcalibur?”

GM: “You’ve just given me the most wonderful idea!”
Player: “Oh no, what have I done?”

Trevor: “I would say I’m not made of money, but that would be a lie.”

“Holy moly. A football hooligan with a frag grenade.”

“I think Yahzee with ten d10 would be difficult.”

“I’ve caught religion, the Russian’s caught bravery.”
“How did that happen?”

Player 1: “Sounds like kids.”
Player 2 (to GM): “Were they kids?”
GM: “You couldn’t tell. They’re definitely male, but that’s it.”
Player 3: “All males are kids.”

“Aren’t teenagers ALWAYS moaning?”
“Then they’re definitely teenagers.”

“It’s okay, they’re only students. They’re not real people.”

NPC: “What are you doing here?”
Zolistagol: “What are YOU doing here?”
NPC: “I asked first.”
Zolistagol: “I don’t like answering questions.”
NPC: “It’s my warehouse.”

If the GM is correct, last session will be the last of this adventure. We'll either be dead, or we survive and become Hunters. Hopefully the latter! :)