Running with Molotovs

For the epic final showdown, we found ourselves dungeon-crawling for the better part of the session. We went to the place where we thought Trevor's sister was being held (she was kidnapped last session), but there was no on there. In the park was just a building for a junior football club or something like that. However, in the cellar, there was a hidden door ... and underneath it: dungeons!

The dungeons were mainly empty, save for a chav that was scared off by someone pointing a gun at him, and a creature that could make itself invisible. We found a stone table (no Aslan), and eventually emerged in a wide ditch, where Agatha and the (useless) bodyguard were tied to a big rock. There was some kind of Lovecraftian-looking creature there, previously known as Smith, and zombies.

We might have eaten through Willpower points and Conviction like they were candy, but by golly we saved the world Derby! :D

Courtesy of Wednesday 4 December 2013's Hunter: The Reckoning roleplaying session at Chimera.

“Quick, let’s solve the mystery before the GM comes back!”
“We’ve already solved the mystery. We just need to resolve it.”
“Either way, let’s do it before the GM comes back. He can’t kill us if he isn’t here.”

“Then we can kill them at our leisure. The creatures, not the police.”

“Did you know you’re trespassing? You’re trespassing!”
“And you’re ugly!”

Trevor (to Sgt Black): “What’s your problem?”
Zolistagol (to Sgt Black): “I’ll look it up on the POLICE COMPLAINTS COMMISSION website on my mobile phone. Oh look, there’s a picture of YOU.”

Zolistagol: “One minute, I’m just finishing up writing my complaint. How do you spell ‘ass-face’?”
Eddie (immediately): “A.S.S.F.A.C.E.”

Eddie (to Trevor): “I think you need to practice your secret handshake, man.”

Eddie: “I polish my nails. No one will expect me to be up to no good if I’m polishing my nails. With a knife.”

“I’m not jumping out of the car when it’s doing 40.”
“It would be a stupid thing to do.”
“Even Eddie realises this.”

Other table: “Go away, Rastafarian Churchill!”
Tilly (fitting the description, turns around): “…HEY!!”

GM: “It goes straight into the back of an articulated lorry.”
Player: “Is this normal for Derby?”

GM: “He looks like you when you were in bad disguise.”

Tilly: “I have 3 in Animal Ken, does that mean I should go out there and go ‘hello doggie!’?”

Trevor: “So you kidnapped my sister in order to distract me from looking into dog fights, which I wasn’t looking into in the first place?!”

Zolistagol: “You’re right about these policemen. They’re absolutely useless! No wonder Eddie’s still at large!”

GM: “You see a fire in the centre of Nottingham.”
Player: “I hope the Hoff’s okay.

Trevor: “I will END you.”
Player 1: “You will end him like Fox ended Firefly.”
Player 2 (shocked): “Oooh, that’s HARSH!”

“So we have a zombie, a vampire and a ghoul. It’s like an undead threesome.”

“Is there anything on the stone table?”

“Ahh, scientists. What a load of bastards.”

“When we get back to my place, I’m gonna lend you a book: How to Make Friends and Influence People. It usually means the first time you meet someone, you don’t point a gun at them.”

(to GM) “Are you speaking in voices to the paranoid person?”

“‘Bodyguard’ is a bit of a misnomer, isn’t it? WE’RE saving HIM.”

“I’m spending Willpower points like they’re candy.”

“I think brown trousers are the least of our concerns at the moment.”

Zolistagol: “Probably I’ve practiced throwing books at students. All this time I thought I was just sadistic, but I was actually training to throw Molotovs!”

“Judge Dredd sounds tougher than Judge Simmons.”

“I’ve only got an axe or a machete.”
“Use it! Every little helps!”
“Are we doing Tesco tactics now?”

“This is the one moment where I don’t fancy a bacon sandwich.”

“I’m surprised rioting in Derby even made the news.”

“They’ll be in the secure wing.”
“You have WINGS now? ‘It’s not a mansion, just a normal house’.”

Trevor: “I’m not corrupt, I’m just a politician.”

The next couple of sessions will be one-offs, like boardgaming, as we don't want to start something bigger because we'll be on a Christmas break soon anyway. What the next roleplaying game will be when we start back up again in January, we'll have to wait and see.