I think my dice are scared of sidequests

Plot Progression!

Baradhi went ley line hopping over to the town of Londonium, from where it would appear the gate box originated. Around the house where it was presumably created, around 40 people had died mysteriously.

We finally went back to see the insect people, whose queen gave Baradhi his gift - a headband full of mystical runes. Once adorned, the headband would not come off.

Meanwhile, bad dreams kept pestering Jayson, including visions of a guy called Gabriel, who kept repeating "Must save the world" over and over like some sort of mad wizard dude. We suspect Gabriel is being manipulated by Nxla, considering he seems hellbound to opening portals from Nxla's world to ours, sucking out souls and that.

Either way, we're not doing what the GM expected us to do, but then what else is new?

And then the zombies came.

Courtesy of Wednesday 29 January 2014's Rifts roleplaying session at Chimera.

“I appear to have shrunk.”
“That’s good. Unless you’re being chased by a South American witch doctor.”

“Those are okay spells.”
“Yeah, but he knows this group and is paranoid.”

“It’s better if you heal them from dying.”
“You just saved someone from a cold or something?”

GM: “I’ve lost my map!”
Player: “Do you want to rent one of mine?”

“I’m just weird, I think.”
“You’re more northern than Boromir.”

GM: “Your map is better than mine.”

“I used to draw a scale from one to ‘far away’.”

GM: “If M hasn’t got it in his notes, you don’t know the name.”

GM: “You’re jumping to such conclusions. ‘Cataclysmic’ … peh.”

GM: “They’re cloned.”
Player: “Then we can say they all look the same and Gorbash can say ‘that’s what I’VE been saying!’”

“And that’s the box we delivered.”
“Does that credstick feel heavy in your pocket now?”

Gorbash: “You people are very … what’s the word?”
GM: “Insignificant?”

“If you look at a dragon and he doesn’t kill you, you’re probably okay.”

“Could he send us a … I was going to say Google Maps location.”

GM: “Be-be-be … Ba-ba …”
Player: “Baradhi.”
GM: “Baradhi! The NPC remembers but the game master doesn’t.”

“Show me on your mind where he touched you.”

“Why are all our roleplaying sessions turning into innuendo?”
“What do you mean ‘turning into’?”

“I’m gonna be the voice on your shoulder.”
“Which ONE?!”

Player 1: “We once tied someone to a chair in Deadlands and then threw that chair out the window.”
Player 2: “Accidentally?”
Player 1: “Not really.”
Deadlands GM: “But at least you didn’t check what religion he was.”

John: “Is he always this slow at telling things?”

Baradhi: “What kind of creature is Granite?”
Jayson: “A troll, by the sound of it. – Are there trolls in Rifts?”
GM: “The creature that doesn’t exist in Rifts …”

“That’s a pretty bold thing to day. ‘Shall we kill a dragon? Can we do it before breakfast?’”

Player: “He might get a surprise.”
GM: “Great horned dragons are generally a surprise.”

“I go down on one knee. Not in THAT way.”

Gorbash: “Ixchal didn’t think it would work either.”
Baradhi: “She’s an intelligent lady.”

“Is rolling a 100 a good or a bad thing in this game?”

“I think my dice are scared. I just rolled another 99.”

“We could find a building that’s abandoned, or an area. Bring some sandwiches and a flask of tea.”

“YOU! YOU could do it!”
“Say whuuut?”

“You could make her better.”
“‘Better’ is a relative term.”

Baradhi: “Did they willingly go into the item?”
Queen: “Of course they did. I commanded them.”

Baradhi: “Does it come off?”
GM: “No, not really.”
Baradhi: “Ooookay then. That was a one-way decision.”

“… Like a certain doctor.”

GM: “You’re not going the route I expected.”
Player: “We’ve never had THAT before, have we?”

“We need to do the side quests and level up so we can survive the end battle!”

“If these zombies were raised from the ground, I wouldn’t expect them to have been buried with rocket launchers. That would be silly.”

Yeah, zombies. Go breathe some fire on them, Gorby!