Creating blackmail material like a baws

It's our lucky night! Not only did we pick up fancy stuff with the money we had rolled for, we also got a new player on board! He passed the initiation test - namely, putting up with us lot - and impressed the two Swedes by not spitting out the salty liquorice he was offered. Fitting right in straight away! :D

A new player also means a new character joining the party, namely a human Decker called Phage. It means we're starting out as a (gasp) well-rounded party!

The game begun by us being offered a job by a big corporation to snatch someone who was interested in defecting from one big corporation to another. We just need to get to him so we can have a little chat. Without being hit by corporate assassins or something like that. Easy peasy. Especially when we use the hacker to pose as a former colleague of his. He used to stare at her boobs. We think. What could possibly go wrong?

Courtesy of Wednesday 5 March 2014's 5th Ed Shadowrun adventure at Chimera.

GM: “Is there anything I should know about you?”
Player: “No, you shouldn’t know anything about me.”

Player: “I go around healing people.”
GM: “Is that your story?”
Player: “It is now.”

Player: “The first roll we do in the game and it’s a critical glitch.”
GM: “Start the game as you mean to go on, that’s what I say.”

“Look at us, doing rules and stuff.”

“Real life doesn’t give you notes.”

Dru: “You can borrow one of my SINs if you like. If you don’t mind being called Helga.”

Dru: “I botched.”
GM: “He reminds you of your dad.”
Dru: “I doubt it. He had a big beard and liked schnapps.”

“Just let me say this: you are SCARY.”

“It’s good to know what people you know me from.”

“The closer you are to danger, the further away from harm, that sort of thing.”

Teddy: “If they try to rob me, I’ll just make them bash their brains in with a baseball bat.”

“If I trusted you more …”
“That’s a good thing to be. DON’T trust me more.”

Teddy: “That’s what you gotta do.”
Phage: “Okay, fuck off back to sleep, then.”

“This is turning into an episode of Hustle.”

“You don’t know what you’ve done! You’ve created blackmail material!”

“Do I have to be Mitzi?”
“Mitzi, you look different.”
“Yes, I had that surgery I always talked about.”

“No one hacks you, right? Famous last words.”

Well, that's all you get, as half the session was spent still generating our characters.