Levelling up and character generating with explosives

It's a short post this time, because it's two different sessions where not a lot was written down. The first, because we just levelled up our Rifts characters and then played the Firefly boardgame. The only quote from the boardgaming is the last one in section one.

The next week, we started generating characters for the brand-spanking new Shadowrun (5th edition) campaign. It's set in Seattle, and what we're doing, we don't know yet, because we never got that far. Instead, we ended up talking about childhood indiscressions, to the point where I suggested deletion of the audio file so as to not be in possession of incriminating evidence. Ahem.

With no further ado, here's the new party:

Elf Face Shaman "Nice Guy Teddy": He's a professional translator who told his employer about a murder plot, and then for some reason his car got blown up and pretty much everything else. Since then, he sort of lives on the streets.

Troll Street Samurai "Ugrub Carter": Funnily enough, he was ordered to blow up someone's car (not Teddy's), and things kind of went south for him as well, so now he's sort self-employed.

Dwarf Street Doctor - "Dru" (Druguntha): If this name sounds familiar, it's because it is. After blowing up a pizzeria to cover up a crime scene in New York, the German import Dru apparently made her way to Seattle. And now she has a back story and everything. And a medical degree.

Let the mayhem commence!

Courtesy of Wednesday 19 February 2014's Rifts roleplaying session at Chimera.

GM: “I recommend not standing anywhere near Baradhi in combat in future. If he uses any weapon he’s used in the last few days.”

GM: “I need to find you guys some opponents. You’ve never even taken damage.”
Jayson: “I’ve taken damage.”
GM: “Yeah, from Booker’s explosion!”

Jayson: “Instead of levelling up, should I just sit here and go ‘I’m awesome’?”

Baradhi: “Healing’s a bit redundant, I’ve never taken damage.”

“I don’t need two pilots.”
“Unless one dies.”

Courtesy of Wednesday 26 February 2014's 5th Ed Shadowrun adventure at Chimera.

“I don’t know if she had Healing, but she had dynamite.”

“Dentists would do well with dynamite. It would solve the tooth problem.”
“And the being alive bit.”

“Can I be a menace to society?”
“I think we all are.”

Player: “Having the Demolition skill is highly over-rated. I’ve learned from Baradhi.”
Baradhi: “It just gets in the way, to be honest.”

“My wife calls me her little terrorist.”

“You’re making bombs! What do you need a flamethrower for?!”

“Have you had absinthe before?”
“I’m from Sweden, my friend.”

“Are you guys okay with me making a combat nut?”

“Maybe I killed a patient. By accident, of course. Maybe.”

GM: “Don’t forget to buy ammunition.”
Player: “I can’t afford ammunition. I have a high Intimidation skill instead.”

TO BE CONTINUED! Or okay, to be started. It's going to be GREAT.