Objects in the rear-view mirror may explode quicker than you think

We started where we left off last session rather than doing the entire scene again from scratch.

While Ugrub was held at gunpoint by the remaining survivor from the van, Dru got out of the car and planted explosives under the van and then telling everyone to get the hell out, as there was only a six-second fuse. Ugrub still got shot but managed to run off, with Dru running after him and Teddy hiding in an alley in the other direction. Phage managed to drive off, but surprisingly, so did the van. Phage stomped on the brakes of her car and the speeding van blew up a bit further down the street, causing a gridlock all over downtown.

She then picked up Harold, a.k.a. the guy we were supposed to convert, and drove him home. Because she suspected him of not telling her the whole truth and nothing but the truth, she shot him in the leg and then wanted Dru to talk her through patching him up over the phone.

The rest of the gang re-grouped, with Ugrub patched up, and walked for a bit until they managed to flag down a taxi to go to the gated community where Harold lived. As Phage got there first, she threatened Harold's wife Marie, because she wasn't panicked enough that a stranger had come home with her husband bleeding profusely from a gunshot wound to the leg.

Courtesy of Wednesday 19 March 2014's 5th Ed Shadowrun adventure at Chimera.

GM: “Am I right to think you’re an elf?”
Teddy: “No, I’m a Thai ladyboy.”
GM: “Oh yes, I forgot.”

NPC: “Why are you attacking us?!”
Ugrub: “I haven’t done anything! It was HIM, HE shot you!”
NPC: “You threw a grenade into the van!”

GM: “Oh, this is a ‘learning the rules’ scenario.”

“I’m afraid that due to catastrophic failure, you’re getting shot at, six seconds before a bomb goes off.”

“Bullets taste bad, by the way.”

GM: “They’re all nice shops on that street.”
Player: “Not for long.”

“GM’s admitted it! We’re in the right! We can stop feeling guilty!”

“Pretty soon you’ll get some armour plating for your car. It’ll come through the back window.”

“Yeah, he’s gay.”
“He didn’t use to be, but then he met me.”

(singing) “Objects in the rear-view mirror may explode quicker than you thiiink.”

“It’s a good dumpster. It’s full of stuff.”
“Yes. Tramps.”

GM: “Shadowrun has a rule for everything. EVERYTHING. Yes, even THAT.”

“Explosives are brilliant in ANY system, aren’t they?”

Player: “Go to a nice caf. McCluskey’s, just across the road.”
GM: “Well, it WAS a nice café.”

Dru: “That was a loud explosion. Are you feeling better?” (said very calmly and matter-of-factly while an explosion goes off around the corner)

Dru: “This time they can’t kick me out of the American Medical Association.” (referring to the loss of life caused by the explosion she planted)

GM: “You see him, talking to a policeman.”
Phage: “My gun’s readied, right?”

“They’re going 4 mph faster than the speed limit - we’d better stop them!”

GM: “The police are a bit distracted at the moment.”
GM: “Times about 50.”

Harold: “It’s complicated. It’s computer stuff, you wouldn’t understand.”
Phage: “TRY ME.”

Phage: “I’m gonna shoot him in the leg.”
Player: “This will end well.”

“Did you just shoot our client?”

Phage (to Dru on phone): “He’s been shot in the leg, can you talk me through patching him up?”

GM: “I’m just going to the loo. Please don’t shoot any more people while I’m away. We’re running out of NPCs.”

“They’re one of your five-a-day. I’ve had about six of my five-a-day now.” (cake with fruit)

“If my character wore characters … woah, meta.”

Dru’s player: “It’s Charisma -1? You know my Charisma is 1, right?”
GM (to Phage): “The accent is horrible. Sellotape his leg to his ear? What?”

Phage: “Does he have a jacket? So I can put it on the floor so he won’t bleed on it.”

GM: “If this was Cthulhu, I’d ask for a Luck roll.”

Phage: “I slap her in the face.”

“I’m getting more and more nervous for EVERY plan you have.”

GM: “You know, I never planned for this to happen.”
Player: “Neither did we.”

“PLEASE tell me we get there soon.”
“Actually, I’m starting to think we don’t want to get there at all.”

Dru: “Even though I’ve just blown up half a street, I still think Phage is the worse person.”

Phage: “And people call ME evil for shooting a guy and threatening his wife.”

Teddy: “I won’t give him the dodgy wink because I don’t think that’s appropriate right now.”

Ugrub: “So this is how you treat clients?”
Phage: “He was a whining bitch! Just a flesh wound and he starts crying his eyes out and bleeding all over my car!”

Ugrub: “Very good. That’s really nice, Teddy.”
Dru (to Phage): “Those two are creepy.”
Teddy (to Ugrub): “You do know this is just an act, right?”
Ugrub: “You’ll come around to it eventually. You’ll come around.”

Teddy: “We apologise for any inconvenience caused.”
Phage: “Don’t apologise!”
Ugrub: “We’re. Apologising.”
Phage: “Ugrub, your make-up’s running.”

“Computers and me are like oil and glue.”

Ugrub: “I’m not entirely confident about the wife and the girl in the car.”
Phage: “I’m not confident about your face.”

“I have a feeling we’ll go to Initiative soon.”

“That’s not the first time I’ve been probed.”
“That’s … a really strange thing to say.”
“That’s what your boyfriend said.”

Teddy: “We’re all a bit shell-shocked from the exploding van, aren’t we, Dru?”
Dru: “No.”

Dru: “You can draw a moustache on her and dress him in a dress.”
Ugrub: “He would look GOOD in a dress … Am I over-doing it?”

Teddy: “… If someone hadn’t BLOWN UP MY CAR.”
Dru: “I haven’t blown up your car?”
Teddy: “No, but you blew up the van.”
Dru: “That van was yours?”
Teddy: “No.”
Dru: “Then I didn’t blow up your car.”

“It’s a miracle if we complete this mission.”

Ugrub: “One of you has a Driving skill, right?”
Dru: “No.”
Teddy: “I don’t.”

Player: “Which bit of that didn’t you expect?”
GM: “The bit in between the beginning and the end.”

We managed to get Harold and his family to a safe house and we ended the session the next morning, around the time we were supposed to take the three to a meet-up point and hand them over to the people who hired us, which is either going to be a quick "here they are" "thank you, here's the rest of the money we owe you" or something that involves guns and/or explosives. Read And Find Out.

This adventure is due to wrap up next session, and because we're getting a player back with us again, we're doing Hunter next, which should prove interesting.