Are you uncomfortable yet?

The wife and child were taken care of, and we went to deliver the "package" (Harold) to the people who wanted him, but apparently they no longer wanted him, and the Johnson who hired us had been a little "hasty" in his instruction to us. The job wasn't guaranteed, and actually, the corporation that hired us have close ties with Mitsuhama (Harold's previous employer) so under no circumstances could they have him or there would be Problems.

They said we should kill him, or at least get rid of him so that he would never resurface.

We didn't want to kill him, because we caused the situation for him, even if it was unwittingly. When we all then misunderstood an NPC's statement of "I've had to dispose of them myself" to mean Harold's family (when he did in fact mean the Harold's family's CommLinks - bit of a difference), things took a rather nasty turn.

Harold didn't listen to our plea to stay hidden and switch his CommLink off ("WE found you because it's still on, doofus! Don't you think THEY will?") ... so Teddy decided to "take care of" him. By magically influencing him to play with traffic.

Well ... at least he's dead now. But the traffic jam, and the reason for it, is headline news.

So that didn't pan out.

Courtesy of Wednesday 26 March 2014's 5th Ed Shadowrun adventure at Chimera.

“MySQL? Spawn of Satan.”

“Fixing while learning PHP.”
“Learning how shit PHP is, you mean.”

“So the chair is in a bad nick?”
“Depends on if you want an STD or not.”

GM: “I tend to go by person length to measure map distances, it seems to be a good thing.”
Player: “Lying down?”
GM: “Yes, they’ve been shot.”

“If you don’t get Teddy’s pinstripe suit, you don’t get David Lynch.”

“You’re scary as a conman, by the way.”

“We need to instil some paranoia into your character.”

GM: “Even without Area Knowledge, you know it’s a hellhole that you can’t even drive through without an armoured vehicle.”
Player: “Like St Ann’s!”

“I’ll explain the options to him.”
“What ARE his options?”

“You either need to disappear and never be heard from again, or you need to Disappear, Never to be Heard from Again.”

Teddy: “I’m not a Thai ladyboy, that’s not me.”
Harold: “Yeah, that make-up didn’t look good on you.”
Ugrub: “It DID!”

“I need to do this using my skills, Intimidation and Persuasion.”
“I thought you were gonna say ‘shoot him in the other leg’.”

GM: “It shouldn’t be hard to spot a ladyboy going downtown.”
Ugrub: “He doesn’t look as good as Teddy.”
GM: “Doesn’t have as nice bum?”
Ugrub: “No, Teddy’s is much nicer.”

“Are you uncomfortable yet?”

“It will look more natural.”
“It will convince Ugrub, more importantly.”

“Did you con us into murdering someone?” (to GM)

Dru: “At this point, Dru no longer thinks Phage is the worse person.”
Teddy: “You blew up a van and killed innocent people.”
Dru: “Aww.”

Player 1: “CommLinks aren’t like Smartphones and take five minutes to boot up?”
GM: “No, this is 2075.”
Player 2: “It only takes FOUR minutes.”

GM: “You can have three Karma, and you’re instantly going to ask me how to spend it.”

Ugrub: “Yes, I’m an ugly duckling and one day I’m gonna be a beautiful swan and Teddy will see this.”

On the other hand, we pictured the post-credit scene to be a bloodied CommLink lying abandoned by the side of the road, beeping ... and someone picking it up. *Cue X-Files theme* Next time, we're back in present-day Derby for more Hunter!