Didn’t you say we were going to finish tonight?

Last session we had a shoot-out in a café, where we were supposed to meet up with a team of Hunters from Nottingham. Instead, we got attacked by some creatures and had to leave. Tilly got a bit upset because a creature was actually an innocent (she can see people's souls now) ... which didn't stop the rest of the party killing it.

This session we went to Trevor's and met the Hunters there instead. It turned out we all had pets, in one way or another (Eddie is Trevor's pet, vodka is Zolistagol's, and then there's Tilly's little Rommel, of course).

The other team were a bit weird - one of the women was about as doolally as Trevor's sister Agatha, and she talked about monsters being in the house, but we didn't see any. The Nottingham team spraypainted a corner of the living room.

And then came a policeman, Detective Black, who asked strange questions. As his car left the driveway, there was a noise from the roof - David Hayes (Trevor's bodyguard) had shot the guy. Great. Super-strength junkie woman (who kept babbling an awful lot) dragged the car up to the house and hid it in a barn, because now the mansion apparently has one. How to get rid of the evidence? Well, apparently creatures like the one Rommel is (when he's not just a puppydog) can go all CSI and eat any forensic evidence. So that's useful - and ever so slightly horrifying.

Courtesy of Wednesday 14 May 2014's Hunter: The Reckoning roleplaying session at Chimera.

Here's the bit from last week's Eldritch Horror boardgaming session:

“I don’t think Jayson has a downside. Unless he has a small penis, which we’ll probably never know.”
“Jayson has the downside of having awesome powers.”

“If Nyarlathotep starts existing in Eldritch Horror, the world has gone very wrong.” (the game doesn't actually have Nyarlathotep in it, believe it or not)

“I get a Cursed condition. Thanks for making me lead investigator!”

“I’m taking the Witch Doctor!”
“Don’t you want to look at the other cards first?”
“No! I don’t care!”

“Oh fuck!”
“That didn’t sound like a happy sound.”

“I want your sword!”
“Good for you!”

And here's the bit from last week's concluding Hunter session:

“I don’t think you can get drunk off seven cherry liqueur chocolates, but you can give it a jolly good try!”
“Challenge accepted! You don’t need a sober GM tonight, right?”

“If playing the boardgame Once Upon a Time with children, it’s advisable to not go down the route of Game of Thrones.”

Jayson: “I have a nemesis, I don’t need a boyfriend!” (after suggesting he could perhaps befriend the Glitterboy being added to the party when we play Rifts again)

Player: “I just wonder how much we can abuse him.”
GM: “Oh, you can abuse him.”

“So you fired a cannon and killed him with a pineapple tin.”

Player: “Is there a spell or something to repair armour?”
Harry Potter nerd: “Reparo?”

“I need to roleplay. Boardgames just don’t cut it. It’s like methadone to a junkie.”

Eddie: “I’m drinking … milk.”
GM: “It’s okay, it’s Chelsea playing.”
Eddie: “Suitable drink for a suitable team.”

“Is she good-looking? – I had to check the age of my character before I said that.”

Trevor: “Requiring a map plan means there’s going to be combat in my house again!”

“You are scarily good at writing down notes.”
“That’s why I like him.”

“You can’t walk around with a German Shepherd called Rommel! You’ll be killed, or duffed up at the very least! And branded a racist!”
“You’ve forgotten she’s an old black woman again, haven’t you?”
“But it’s WRONG!”

“How many are you now?”
“How many did you use to be?”

“Are we talking fashion style time or more like new iPad time?”

“Kill him. Just kill him. There are blood stains all over the house, it won’t make a difference.”

“They could meet in the barn instead.”
“You have a BARN?!”

Mary: “… He looks a bit like Edward Cullen!”

Zolistagol: “You’ve got rid of all my petrol bombs … so we’re unarmed.”

“Where is all this?”
“In the laundry room.”
“… Of course it is.”

Tilly: (to Eddie) “There you go, press ‘back up’ when you’re done. – (to Trevor) Or do you have TiVo?”
Trevor: “No, I probably have Sky+HD because it’s a better service.”

“Your standards are not so much double as triple.”

Tommy: “While they’re talking, could I just take his poker and hide it?”

“I think we’re better people than they are.”
“Surprisingly, yes.”

“So these people are from Nottingham?”
“Oh, that explains it.”

“Dude, you need better security.”
“But I already HAVE good security!”
“Not against supernatural creatures.”

“Oochie-coochie-coo, little tentacle monster.”

Det. Black: “Did you see anyone suspicious?”
Player: “In Alvaston? Every fucker walking past is suspicious!”

Trevor: “Forgive him, he’s drunk.”
Det. Black: “I’ve noticed.”
Zolistagol: “I’ve only just started, I’ll have you know!”

Zolistagol: “I can’t imagine a community leader like Eddie Smith doing something like that!”

David Hayes: “I’ve been told not to kill anyone.”
Eddie: “Not even the police?”

Eddie: “I like Hayes better now. He kills police for me.”

GM: “You can see some of his head.”
Player: “Tilly, have you got that healing stuff?”

“Didn’t you say we were going to finish tonight?”

Trevor: “What’s higher than my bloody house? Did he do it from a plane?!”

Eddie: “Well, I’m devastated, but I feel like having a beer.”

GM: “Technically, you’re Trevor’s pet.”
Eddie: “… No.”

“I like the way you say that. ‘The day they turn’.”

Trevor: “I think the Nottingham crew have had a worse time than us.”
Eddie (bitterly): “I object.”

“What we need is your Lee Harvey Oswald to pick him off.”

“Oh, so the apocalypse will happen first thing in the morning? Everything’s better first thing in the morning!”

“I thought this was supposed to be your law-abiding character.”

As last week was spent generating the new party member before playing the boardgame, it means we can jump straight into Rifts next week, so we'll see you then!