Like the Salvador Dali of monster hunting

So, the team - okay, Tilly - has acquired an Alsatian puppy/tentacle monster dubbed Rommel (because reasons), who might or might not have decided to do its business in Trevor's Land Rover.

Meanwhile, Eddie, Tommy and Zolistagol went gallavanting around the underground passages we recognised from the previous adventure, and found a tentacle monster disguised as a lady - who picked up the Molotov thrown at her. They responded by chucking the whole petrol can at her, but unfortunately Zolistagol's player forgot he has the "Heroic Molotov" skill. Which could have been useful at the time. At any rate, explosions were exploding.

Then we hung out with the eastern European dude who might or might not have gone by the name Rommel during World War II, we're not sure. Either way, we're seeing the light in the tunnel that is this adventure - we just have to make sure it's not a train about to run us over. Which is just as well, because when Zolistagol finds out Trevor scratched the paintwork on his precious, vintage Mercedes, there will be blood.

Courtesy of Wednesday 30 April 2014's Hunter: The Reckoning roleplaying session at Chimera.

“Stalking isn’t allowed – it’s encouraged!”

“How do I find you on Google+?”
“You don’t find him. He finds you.”

“I have to search with a hashtag? My day just got worse.”

Tilly: “He seems very afraid.” (dog’s shaking with fear outside the car)
Trevor: “AND?”

Trevor: “If he shits in the car, you’re cleaning it up.”

“We need dice already? It’s only been five minutes! Usually we sit around and swear for a couple of hours first.”

“Incoming. It’s not human.”

“She took your Molotov cocktail and you’re suggesting we RUN DOWN THERE?”

“I’m friends with crazy people!”

GM: “… Jerry can flying toward her …” (searching for a good description)
Player: “It depends on how cinematic you feel. John Wu or Michael Bay?”

“Aah man! I could have done Heroic Molotov on that!”

“It’s like the Salvador Dali of monster hunting.”
“A Super-Soaker and a pair of green, chem-resistant rubber gloves.”

“It’s filled with sulphuric acid.”
“It’s good that you don’t have anything that could harm anyone by accident ...”

“Sorry, I shouldn’t give the GM bad ideas, should I?”

“If this was a Michael Bay movie, the hut would’ve exploded and the roof would’ve landed in Ilkeston.”

GM: “Through the lens, it currently looks like a baby Alsatian.”
Tilly: “Aww!”
GM: “About nine or ten weeks old.”
Tilly: “Awwww!”

“Steal his shit!”

“What about the woman? You’re just gonna leave her here?”
“Based on what I’ve heard of Alvaston, it can’t really get any worse.”

Zolistagol: “Don’t you damage my car. I have a shotgun!”

GM: “See? It’s not the monsters, it’s the people. Every time. You killed babies.”

Trevor: “I had to spend two Willpower to hotwire your car. That’s more than I’ve spent on killing monsters.”
Zolistagol: “I SHOULD THINK SO!”

“Wolverine heaven is different from people heaven.”

“Well, they both begin with an A. Armageddon, Alvaston.”
“I know what begins with an A. Ameeeriiiicaaaa.”

Tilly: “I don’t like driving SUVs.”
Player: “Well, you know how to drive, you’ve seen Top Gear.”

“Friends, Romans, countrymen – lend me your sniper rifles.”

“I think our haloes are a bit tarnished.”
“It’s the horns holding them up.”

“This is like talking to my two-year-old daughter: Have you seen my keys? – Keys! – Do you know where they are? – … Keys!”

“This paranoid Russian is going to kill us all one day, isn’t he?”

Tommy: “But I don’t have any powers!”
Player: “You will soon enough, Rainbow.”

GM: “Trevor might be a lord, but Eddie is a knight.”
Player: “Woah, this has suddenly gone very Changeling.”
Tommy: “I’ve seen him down the pub, he’s no knight.”

Trevor (explaining the concept of a maître d’ to Eddie): “You know when we go to that restaurant and there’s the guy that complains and then gives you a kebab anyway? That guy.”

Eddie: “What’s a maître d’?”
Trevor: “The person who takes care of you.”
Player: “The Godfather?”

Tommy: “If I hit you, I’m good at Medicine.”
Eddie: “Thanks. Reassuring.”

“Xbox are now making a show based on Deadlands.”
“I chose the wrong console.”

The Ref says next session might be our last for this adventure, but knowing us, that might be about five sessions from now.