Bacon-flavoured breakfast ale needs to be a thing

We are now in the final dungeon, a big cave system called the Wave Echo Cave, because we're still trying to find Gundren's missing brothers. So far, we've met an ochre jelly and assorted map-making.

We left this session being attacked by some ghouls. Two out of five characters are paralysed ...

Courtesy of Tuesday 18 November 2014's 5th Edition Dugeons & Dragons roleplaying session at Chimera.

Dungeons & Dragons

Rhogar (about Malinda): "You are human with scales. Technically you have skin disease."
Player: "That's very scale-ist of you."

"Scarecrow could save the world."
"Batman or Wizard of Oz? Because how would fear gas save the world?"

"We apply internet logic here: your opinion is FACT."

"Are you writing days?!"
"Have you never sat next to M before?"

Tan: "Didn't you massacre them all in the pub?"
Karak-Dag: "No. We got the mayor to do that in a nice and legal way. Because we are Lawful."

Player: "Can we get a grief discount?"
Rhogar: "Rhogar approves! Using his death to further own monetary needs!"

Malinda: "Some people perhaps don't wash as often as they should."
Tan: "Hey! I had a wash a week and a half ago!"

Theren: "How much does this totally legitimately got dragon skin go for?"

Malinda (to Tan): "What would be even more relaxing and beneficial for you than meditation? A nice hot bath."

"I'm a little bit worried because the GM's looking up something in the book."

Rhogar's player: "RHOGOTOV COCKTAIL!! Aww, I'm slightly upset that he's dead now."

Player: "He's cheating us out of loot or XP!"
GM: "No, just XP."

(chanting) "We live longer than your mum! We live longer than your mum!"
"When elves get drunk, I've decided they're basically football hooligans."

"What is this 'seem to' have a pet goblin?"
"And 'pet'? Surely you mean 'slave'."

Karak-Dag: "We should have an archery competition!"
Theren: "What, NOW?"
Karak-Dag: "Yes! You should always have archery competitions when you're drunk and it's in the middle of the night! My uncle told me. He died in an archery competition."

"Turns out elves are very dense."
"Is that why they don't make very good wizards?"

"Lesser Restoration is the D&D version of paracetamol."

Gods: "What are you guys doing?!"
Player: "Getting drunk and not getting hangovers!"

Theren: "Rations don't have slow-release carbohydrates or anything."
Karak-Dag: "What are carbohydrates?"
Hematite: "I bet we'll need to kill them."

"Your momma's so elvish she's not dead yet."

"You could have rolled better."
"Still 11 damage."

"Loot the old party, they had plate mail!"

As we're in the final dungeon and should only have a session or two left of the adventure, we're already thinking about which game to do next. It's looking like we're going back to Rifts, but if it's just going to be a session or two before the Christmas break, we'll probably hold off until the new year and instead do boardgaming and/or a one-shot adventure like Jurisfiction.