You're not rolling particularly high, are you?

Two regulars down but with the addition of an occasionally recurring player, we decided on playing Betrayal at House on the Hill for this session. We were doing okay, and then the little boy turned out to be a traitor (AGAIN - seriously, third time playing this game in the group and all three times that kid's been the baddie!) and summoned a ghost.

The ghost took down three of the explorer characters and the traitor died but there was one guy left standing - who finished off the ghost and lived to tell the tale. Somehow they were making it out to be some kind of feminist conspiracy, because the female characters died first. Methinks feminism isn't a word that means what they think it means.

Courtesy of Tuesday 9 December 2014's Betrayal at House on the Hill boardgame session at Chimera. The game is available in that particular store right now and would make someone a great Chrimbo present ... And if you're nowhere near Nottingham and for that simple reason can't do your Chrimbo shopping in Beeston, then you're excused if you promise to go look in your local gaming store.

(Player 1 hands P2 a Christmas card)
Player 2: “Oh noooo.”
Player 3: “Remember, you’re only obliged to receive them, not to return them. Just hug and say thank you.”
Player 2 (walks over and hugs P1): “Thank you.”

“THAT’S your dice bag? Okay, now I feel inadequate.”

“I’m disappointed. You were selling the car for me there for a moment.” (when finding out the Prius doesn’t ACTUALLY have a jetpack)

“Only a gentleman would be happy to give me a firm one.”

“The word ‘scrota’ has been adopted by my Birmingham group.”
“It’s spreading, like a VD.”

“I’m clearly the lucky mascot … or the one who lured you all here to die. I’m not sure which.”

“Did you bang the dog in the fleshy bedroom?”

“We’re not planning on attacking, we’re planning on making your face really comfortable under a pillow.”

“You can do it!”
“You’re just not reassuring anymore, you’re the traitor.”

“I can be saved!”
“Unless you die first.”

“Are you any good at Knowledge?”
“Better than Sanity.”
“That’s not saying a lot.”

Player: “You’re not rolling particularly high, are you?”
Traitor: “No, and that’s a problem.”
Player: “Not for us!”

“Did I mention that I’m just an elderly midget who likes horses?”

“You have all of the dice.”
“It has nothing to do with my addiction.”

Traitor: “Can I have another three dice, please?”
Player: “No! Frankly.”

“I’m glad you’re on our side.”

“If you could drop your axe in a whimper of pain and suffering, that would be even better.”

Traitor: “Can I have another two dice?”
Players 1+2: “No.”

“I vote for not picking up the thing that will kill you.”

“Do you need us to give you an epic battle?”

“How can we feel bad about something when we don’t know what’s happened?”

“If an NPC is killed but no one heard it, did they really die?”

And that's our last session for this year! If I have time to transcribe some stuff, there will be a few filler posts coming up, but if not, see you in the new year!