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Let's be mean in game terms!

I can't kill my character, I'm the Chosen One

Whose side am I supposed to be on?

Why are we so atrocious?

I've missed the harassment and forgotten how to roll dice

Morality is overrated in the 'Verse

There are Reavers in St Albans

Mansions of Butthurt

It's so dull I’m checking Facebook

Save him now and kill him later for the XP

Is he supposed to be good?

We need a flowchart at this point

Back to the scene of the final boss fight!

We had our chance of dying horribly but we failed

Well, he's got until Saturday to learn to sing

What kind of a spaceship IS this?!

Relic is like Talisman, but enjoyable

We're all about the failing today

If everyone hates you, you have to be clever

Can I use the ship's guns to shoot something on the planet from space?

The 40k universe is lovely

I'll use a spell-checker if I have to!

Life is too short to remove safely

Making your own gunpowder sounds way too methodical

This is completely unrealistic!

Can we loot now?

You can definitely feel the d4

It’s a very entertaining scene

I’m making my own rules

This conversation has ceased to make sense

Whoever dies first makes a tank

This is how the apocalypse starts

Are we dead yet?

Is now the time to botch?

I like my character but I don’t like my dice

Stop turning me into a Space Marine!

Corsets are like Chinese finger traps

I've never been so tense to start a boardgame

Are you planning to wrap up the end of the world?

Okay, duct tape bandage it is

Is your hoover covered for supernatural ash damage?

Silver bullets always work in the films

The Secret Life of Zolistagol Bagridan

I'd apologise but this is hilarious

You see tentacles coming out of the portal

Are you SURE you're the Chosen One?

A symbiote is for life, not just for Christmas

The person who comes last can be Wil Wheaton

Happy new year!