Silver bullets always work in the films

Eddie and Zolistagol's mobster family made some kind of deal, in which they divided up the north of Derby into two territories. We were asked by the mobsters to go and take out the rival Russian gang, eleven different targets, and because we have a military man in the party now, he was the one doing the work, with Zolistagol driving and Tilly bringing Rommel for the forensic cleanup.

Everything was going fine until we hit a house with werewolves. Then shit happened.

But on the plus side we now have 21 boxes of Nazi gold, only some of which are hollow and contain a horrific zombie-making goo.

Courtesy of Tuesday 10 February 2015's Hunter: The Reckoning roleplaying session at Chimera.

GM: “It’s now Monday the 31st of September.”
Player: “How can September have 31 days? Has the world already broken?”

“There CAN be a 31st of September. It’s called the 1st of October.”

“Backups are for wimps. Real men rewrite from scratch.”
“And this is why he’s been working on the same program since he was 15.”

“There’s a Card Against Humanity card that describes the new police chief.”
“Poorly timed Holocaust jokes?”
“A big, black dick.”

GM: “I should worry about this.”
Player: “I have a backstory for it.”

“He’s bringing his own chips to a fish bar.”

NPC: “Zolistagol! Nice beard!”

“I’m inebriated.”
“No you’re not; you could say the word inebriated.”

“British pasties? But that sounds like they would be filled with disappointment and overcast skies.”

Alex: “You’ve met me, right? I’m not what you’d call a people person.”

“Yes, but does Derby have a working tram system? No? Neither does Nottingham!”

Zolistagol: “You’re never going in my car again!”
Alex: “When I save you from a werewolf, you’ll thank me.”
Zolistagol: “It’s my car!”

Eddie: “Trevor, I think we need some help from God here.”

Zolistagol: “Werewolves?!”
Alex: “Nothing can kill them.”
Zolistagol: “Silver bullets always work in the films.”

GM: “I don’t want to kill you, I want to hurt you.”
Eddie: “Like you haven’t practiced THAT before.”

Player: “Three successes.”
GM: “Damn it! I mean, oh.”

“Can I dodge, please? I really want to dodge.”

“You haven’t heard any sirens at all.”
“Well, it is Derby after all.”

“So, you have all of the Nazi gold.”
“Just call us Switzerland.”

GM: “So where are you taking your 21 boxes of Nazi gold?”
Player: “Trevor’s house.”

“But if the bomb goes off, it’s in the centre of Derby!”
“Let’s send the crates to Nottingham!”

“D’you want to come around and drop some Nazi gold in my barn? – That sounds like a euphemism.”

“Didn’t I suggest something like this in Changeling and was called a monster?”

GM: “I’m surprised to have this conversation in a modern setting.”
Player: “Surprised? I’d say it was inevitable.”

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