The Secret Life of Zolistagol Bagridan

Eddie and Tilly have dreams involving people throwing themselves into fires. In other news, pancakes were made, and one player had to cut the session short because he was feeling so unwell he didn't even fancy cake.

The rest of the session went by with the rest of us learning that Zolistagol isn't the only Russian in town. Half of the Bagridan clan appear to have set up shop in Derby, and they're all some kind of relation to him or other. There is also a rival Russian gang, because why not? It's a roleplaying game - any similarity with any form of reality is purely coincidental.


Courtesy of Tuesday 3 February 2015's Hunter: The Reckoning roleplaying session at Chimera.

Zolistagol: “Do you think the cops are okay with crates of Molotovs?”
Eddie: “The ones I’m paying are.”

“Are we going to assume the bystanders are from the Hollywood school of bystanders?”

“Do you really have a UKIP die?”
“Is it white and not black?”

“I think that deserves breaking down the Ebola wall.”

“No thanks.”
“You really ARE ill.”

“Do they look like advanced gizmos? Or do they look like poorly disguised ladyshaves?”

GM: “I’m listening to you, I’m just choosing to ignore it, because I’m the GM.”

(singing) “The Smiths are all around me, they’re everywhere I go …”

GM: “Eddie has the exact same dream as Tilly.”
Eddie: “What was it about? I wasn’t listening.”

GM: “The lord is making breakfast.”
Player (US South accent): “The LAWD is makin’ breakfast. Hallelujah!”

“I think we’re rated 15 at the moment. You can use fairly hard language but no nudity!”

GM: “He’s not a Smith, he’s a Henderson.”
Player: “Suuuure.”

“It’s okay because you have a black friend. Isn’t that what ‘I’m not racist, but’ people normally say?”

Trevor: “Did someone have the steak?”
Zolistagol: “Yes! They fed it to the dog!”
Trevor: “Aww.” (tickles dog)

“Areas will burn, my friend, and not because the end of the world thing.”

GM: “There’s a slight problem. – You hear a gunshot.”

“Paranoia isn’t a Derangement for him it’s a Knowledge skill.”

Eddie: “What do you mean ‘family business’?”
Zolistagol: “What do you think the Russian mob does? Run a sweet shop?”
GM: “Actually, one of your cousins DOES run a sweet shop.”

“I’m not a mobster, he says, adjusting his machete.”

Next session, hopefully everyone's feeling well enough to stay the whole session. :)