Are you planning to wrap up the end of the world?

Dungeon crawling continued, although Zolistagol decided to stay back - which, admittedly, was down to the player unexpectedly being absent. We found a tied-up accountant/lawyer who turned out not to be so mundane after all; he was actually a mage. Emphasis on was, because he died suddenly, ahem.

We also encountered a strange spinning room with gargoyles, but luckily only one of them was not a statue but an actual gargoyle. Again, emphasis on was.

Then there was that werewolf again, and Alex bravely sacrificing himself in order to kill it with explosives, so that's another monster dead - or two, seeing as how Alex was apparently a serial killer as a way to unwind. o.O

Then there was a big room with a bonfire that had featured in both Eddie's and Tilly's dreams. There, David Hayes (a.k.a. guy hired to keep Trevor's mad sister safe) was pointing a gun at Agatha (a.k.a. Trevor's sister). Long story short: she started the Burning Days, and since Eddie stood closest to the bonfire, he ended up becoming the Burning Man.

Meanwhile, Trevor was stuck in expanding foam (that he insisted on bringing with us), and Tilly made the mistake of freeing a tied-up Rommel (the person), who promptly knocked her unconscious as she turned her back for a moment. Curse his sudden but inevitable betrayal. Who'd have thought you couldn't trust a Nazi? Basically, he tricked us into starting the Burning Days because he enjoys ethnic cleansing or something ... problem is this time around, it's not Jesus or Richard the Lionheart that's the Burning Man, and there's no new religion or Crusades ... it's a zombie apocalypse. And we, plus what remains of the Nottingham crew, are now Hollow Knights (again in Eddie's and Tilly's case) and saving the world is our job. Insert list of expletives here.

Courtesy of Tuesday 10 March 2015's Hunter: The Reckoning roleplaying session at Chimera.

“To be fair, Jeremy Clarkson is a massive cock.”
“He IS a massive cock. Does that mean that the other two are the balls?”
“I’ve never thought of it that way before and now I can’t get the image out of my head.”

“All I heard was madness, madness, madness …”

“That was scrota for the rest of the year.”

“…with a tenuous link to Rommel.”
“Tenuous? What does it take for you to be a solid link?”

Player: “Are there any hidden exits?”
GM: “Hidden exits?”
Player: “I’ve seen them in films.”

GM: “There’s a man in a white shirt with a red tie.”
Player: “Is it Simon Pegg in Shaun of the Dead?”
GM: “No.”
Player: “Constantine?”

“Oh no, I can see the fourth wall.”

Eddie: “There’s a massive difference between lawyers and accountants. I KILL lawyers.”

Accountant: “I have a wife.”
Eddie: “So you have something to live for. – Oh, do you LIKE your wife?”
Accountant: “Yes?”

“He’s playing a Crab.”
“Who’s Goyle?”

Player: “If a giant fireball is coming my way, I’d like to know so I can get out of the way.”
GM: (rolls) “About that getting out of the way thing …”

“GM, I think we’re determined to kill this motherfucker.”

Trevor: “Stop shooting him! I think I want to hire him!”

Alex: “Throwing grenades was my plan the entire time. I only agreed not to shoot him.”

“Just so you know, my grenades aren’t morally based.”

“My name is now Acid Justice.”
“Could you BE more 70s?”

Werewolf: “Dead man’s trigger.”
Alex: “I’m covered in silver, you dumb fuck.”

“Oh no, you’re dead again! And for the second time by a wolf!”

“I’m not sorry.”
“No, you’re dead.”

“Am I the only one finding it ironic that they threw knowledge at nerds?”
“No, but it would be lost on them.”

“Ahh the student has become the master, because the master has blown himself the fuck up.”

“Are you now actually googling ‘can you ignite C4 with electricity’?”

“Don’t take this the wrong way, but why are you still alive?”

“It’s a very bad homemade grenade. Well, it’s a Taser and C4.”

GM: “So you’re going to curl the judge?”
Eddie: “Apparently.”

“Now I wish that Eddie was a roleplayer.”

“You’re a bad influence on me!”
“I’m dead, I don’t have to care!”

“It’s half an hour left, are you planning to wrap up the end of the world?”

Tilly: “This is the point where I wonder if it’s worth spending a Conviction to heal an NPC.”

“Half an hour? That’s another three sessions at the rate we’re going.”

GM: “You’re hit in the face with expanding foam.”
Player: “Is he using our tricks against us?”

“If she was a good person, she wouldn’t be the throat-ripping type.”

“A Nazi being a bad guy? Who’d have thought it?”

That's the end of Hunter: The Reckoning, at least for the time being. Our resident scribe said last session he was going to quit the group, but we thought it meant after we finished this adventure, but sadly it didn't. The next couple of sessions, we'll play some board games while we figure out what we'd like to play next. Perhaps we'll just do a few short roleplaying adventures before getting into another big campaign. At any rate, yours truly will be armed with a notebook and pen to write down whatever the heck we happen to say.