Is your hoover covered for supernatural ash damage?

The Derby crew had an interesting morning. Tilly woke up with a bed full of cats - and only two out of nine were her own. Instead of being weirded out by this, she thought it was lovely and promptly fell back asleep. Later on, trying to film them, they didn't show up on the recording, and as she mentioned this over the phone to Trevor, the friendly cats turned into a mass of black goo that went all horror film shock moment on her, causing her to pass out.

Worried, Trevor, Eddie and Alex went to her house and confronted the black goo, dragging the unconscious woman outside in her PJs for all to see, and ... when seen through "The Sight", the black goo was a rather pleasant druidic entity who could remove the curse from people. Eddie and Tilly are therefore no longer cursed, and are off the menu when it comes to both being the person who sparks Armageddon and being the person you sacrifice in order to stop it.

Meanwhile, clues pointed to Weymouth, Stonehenge, and Codnor Castle, with Leamington Spa somewhere in the middle-ish of the wonky triangle, so that's where we reconvened with the Nottingham crew. In a Travelodge. Trevor just had to finish being interrogated by the police because his doppelganger had been seen causing all kinds of shenanigans. Good thing Zolistagol spotted this on TV!

Courtesy of Tuesday 24 February 2015's Hunter: The Reckoning roleplaying session at Chimera.

“Is there cake tonight?”
“My life is complete.”

“Darth Vader would have been a lot less scary if he had been made of cream.”

“I put all my Force powers into Lactokinesis.”

“We are the best table of all, aren’t we?”

“Red liquorice grew up, went to school and got a job as a doctor, and black liquorice is stuck in the emo phase and just wants to hurt you.”

“I’d like to think about it, in the nanosecond before I die.”

GM: “Three XP.”
Player: “Skinflint.”
GM: “Skinflint?! It’s the recommended amount!”

“There’s nothing wrong with him having Nazi gold, he has a UKIP banner on the back of his car.”

“Werewolves, zombies – this I can believe, but a Green Party lord?!”

“But they have a name.”
“One we can’t pronounce.”

“Who else is associated with the Smiths?”
“That miserable git Morrissey!”
“Ahh, meta.”

GM: “It could be in one of three places.”
Eddie: “Alvaston?”
GM: “Further.”
Zolistagol: “Ilkeston?! We can’t go THAT far!”

“I GM Rifts. I know exactly what happens with free gifts.”

“ – are you paying too much for your illegally obtained plutonium?”

“As the gold couldn’t be opened safely, the rest of the adventure takes place in Zolistagol’s head.”

“I stand there with a broom with a knife on it, and a chair, like some deranged lion tamer.”

“I haven’t come up with special superpower names for my powers yet.”

GM: “It’s about 9:30.”
Player 1: “So they’re all at work.”
Player 2: “It’s Normanton.”
Player 1: “Okay, they’re busy watching Jeremy Kyle.”

“How are you feeling?”
“Less orangey.”

Alex: “You have your winter fuel allowance.”
Tilly: “I’m not THAT old!”

“You got tree-Ented, bitch!”

“Your bits no longer leak ominously when you get an erection.”
“That’s a description I didn’t need to hear.”

“Is your hoover covered for supernatural ash damage?”

“Eddie has two points in Law, specifically criminal law, car thefts and drug-dealing.”

“You have developed Foresight, or as we call it: Meta Plot.”

“I’ve got more Academics than I know what to do with.”

Player: “You’re going to FLY A PLANE to a place that’s just an HOUR AND A HALF away by car?”
Trevor: “Good point, I’ll take a helicopter.”

Zolistagol: “There was a man with a rifle jumping through the window.” (describing to Autoglass how badly damaged his back window is)

Autoglass: “For that particular model, it will take a couple of days. We can do it Saturday.”
Zolistagol: “But the world’s going to end on Friday!”

“There’s only one werewolf and one vampire.”
“And a partridge in a pear tree.”

“This is like the six degrees of Kevin Bacon.”
“Kevin Bacon’s the Burning Man?!”

The countdown to the End of the World has truly begun! In a Travelodge. Outside Leamington Spa. Yeah.