I've never been so tense to start a boardgame

After finishing Hunter, we've had a couple of sessions of boardgaming. The first one was zombie survival game Dead of Winter, and yesterday, we played the XCOM boardgame - which is a very stressful (yet fun) experience.

We also started putting together characters for the next roleplaying game we've got lined up: Deadlands: Hell on Earth. It's like Deadlands, but in the FUTURE. With MUTANTS. And RAD POISONING.

Courtesy of Tuesday 17 March 2015's Dead of Winter boardgame session at Chimera.

“If it’s an option, K’s the traitor. If it’s random, it’s S.”

“If things aren’t hard enough with zombies, Cthulhu arrives.”

“No snatchy!”
“Please can I have my rulebook?”

“Who cares if you die of exposure if you’ve already died of hunger?”

“If I were the traitor, which obviously I’m not …”

“Attracting a zombie? Does that mean a zombie shows up, going ‘how you doin’’?”

“People are rolling quite well on the d12. Except S.”

“He’s either the traitor or he isn’t.”
“Those are the ONLY two options!”

“Option two is: nothing happens. Option one is … long.”

“Did they bring a copy of Alice in Wonderland?”
“No, they lost it up their rabbit hole.”

Courtesy of Tuesday 24 March 2015's Deadlands: Hell on Earth character generation session at Chimera ...

“I was going for a Junker, but now you’ve shown me a man in a mech suit!”

“In America, Duke’s a genuine name, not just a title.”
“Maybe he has delusions of grandeur. Actually, that’s just America in general, isn’t it?”

GM: “I’m gonna give you an option.”
Player: “Oh crap.”

GM: “It’s not that it’s unfair on the party for two players to be Damned, it’s not fair to the world.”

GM: “Should I tell you what it is?”
Player: “That’s not a good sign.”

“I come in Ugg boots. Not in a scrota type way.”

“I realise now that I’m actually making a Space Marine.”
“The mech suit kind of gave that away.”

... and ensuing game of the XCOM boardgame (again, available in your local gaming store).

“I’m Nazi Germany and this bag of crisps is Austria.”

“Why is the HQ in Africa? There’s nothing in Africa.”
“There’s Ebola.”

“I’ve never been so tense to start a boardgame.”

(rolls a 1) “That couldn’t have gone worse if you tried.” (rolls a 1 again)

“If you’ve curse these dice …!” (rolls a 1)

“Come on! Papa needs a new pair of death!”

Back with roleplaying again next time!