Okay, duct tape bandage it is

This is the episode in which we get tooled up - at B&Q and a local garden centre, of course, we're not savages - and begin a dungeon crawl. The end of the world - and the campaign - draws near.

The cave system somewhere outside Leamington Spa had baddies in it, like a vampire and a werewolf and a Russian bear, and they had also abducted Eddie's brother. Things that generally put us in a bad mood. Armed to the teeth (in Rommel the pseudo-dog's case literally, he was carrying a knife in his mouth) we went after them.

Having found a chamber which split off in three different directions, we split up the group - with all the PCs going down the same route. There, we first found a table with chairs and some very familiar mystic symbols. Trevor, Zolistagol and Alex sat down by their respective symbols, and immediately zoned out. Worried, Eddie and Tilly quickly jammed something between the table and two of their party members' hands (well, there was just the two of them) ... leaving Alex connected to the table and thus able to hear the vision presented to them. A vision from a long, long time ago, and which might possibly be helpful when we find the Burning Man.

The abductees were drained of blood, but we managed to find Eddie's brother and heal him a little before he expired. There was a vampire there. Heroic Molotovs, axes and other weapons came in handy. Then we heard a scream, and discovered one of the other groups in trouble. One of them got stabbed in the back by Eddie's axe (he was aiming for the Russian bear), but on the other hand we also managed to get the Russian bear after a number of Molotovs, shots fired and grenades thrown.

To be honest, it's a surprise we're all still alive. Just-IIIICE!

Courtesy of Tuesday 3 March 2015's Hunter: The Reckoning roleplaying session at Chimera.

“My memory doesn’t have a top hat and tweezers.”
“That’s the word that came out. Not the one I meant to say.”

“Beachcomber cookies.”
“I don’t want to be in a coma from eating cookies.”

“We started this campaign 23 October 2013. In-game nine days have passed.”

“Just because it’s an uncomfortable truth doesn’t mean it isn’t true.”

GM: “The remaining two of the Nottingham crew walk into the bar.”
Player: “Is this the beginning of a joke?”

“Yay, a bag full of sports! What’s in it?”
“Sticky-back plastic.”
“That’s not a sport. But it COULD be.”

“Looking a bit serial killer-y there, sir.”
“No, this is for home renovations.”
“Just don’t buy refuse sacks and plastic dust sheets.”

“We couldn’t stop the end of the world, B&Q was shut.”

“Have you got enough C4?”
“Let’s say so.”

“We also went to a garden centre and got 24 garden stakes.”
“For vampires. Totes.”

“Are you mapping?”

Player 1: “Says the man who hasn’t seen Babylon 5.”
Player 2: “I HAVE seen Babylon 5, I just don’t like it.”
Player 3: “Well, there’s the door.”
Player 2: “This is my country! YOU go! – My skin is suddenly turning purple and has ‘UKIP’ stamped on it.”

Eddie: “We’re on a mission from God.”
Trevor: “It’s good of you to finally come to terms with that.”

“The power of God, through his pants of justice.”

“Everyone knows NPCs are redshirts. It’s how roleplaying works!”

“No, something more natural.”
“Crystal meth?”

“Is it over the bar?”
“It is over the bar.”
“I’m not sorry.”

“I need to have Tilly take care of him.”
“In a Julie Andrews way!”

“I could roll lower. In theory.”

“Interesting how you gave the soldier with the gun a melee power.” (to GM)

“I’ll try to hit it. I won’t try to miss it.”

Tilly: “Can you see anything, Trevor?”
Trevor: “No, because it isn’t my turn yet!”

“Okay, duct tape bandage it is.”

“Are we going to avenge your friends and go after and murder those motherf-ers or are you going to stand around here moping?”
“The latter one, please.”

The GM says we're on track to finish the adventure next week, as planned, which we find deeply unsettling. In all our time roleplaying together, we have never been in the habit of finishing the plot on time. Check back next week to see if we managed it!