Is now the time to botch?

Let's start by introducing ourselves:
  • Duke Carpenter, junker and wannabe Space Marine
  • Jack Burton, road warrior and van owner
  • Maggie Murphy, lawdog
  • Vincent Gordon, psyker

We kicked off the adventure by driving along in the van. There was a tree blocking the road and a military vehicle. It looked like an ambush, but we weren't the ones ambushed. Getting out (Duke only after putting on his mech suit) we investigated the place, and found dead bodies with flies all over them.

Later, we found a camp full of sick people. Luckily, they had nicked a device that allows you to check your health status. Turned out to be an infection of unknown origin. As it also turned out, some of us had become infected. (So that's why you shouldn't use Vigor as a dump stat. No wonder my character was the first one infected!)

Now we just need to find some kind of cure, before our skin melts off our faces too. Yay?

Courtesy of Tuesday 14 April 2015's Deadlands: Hell on Earth session at Chimera.

“How can you not be done with the main book yet?”
“Because I chose the most complicated character in the system!”

“My body is a temple. The kind that Indiana Jones raids and that’s crumbling apart.”

“I did NOT see him turn a die around.”
“I will EAT you.”
“Oooh, promises!”

“A browser spirit ought to be a firefox. Or a chrome elemental, who sings opera and goes exploring on a safari.”

“Why are you metal and why are you interested in the toaster?”

“You are like the Glitter-Boy of Deadlands.”
“Totes, mate. Totes.”

Player: “Can I guess what calibre did this damage to the engine?”
GM: “It was a five ton tree calibre.”

“No fracking in our wasteland! The mutants are affected!”

“I have 2d4 Guts.”
“Are you sure that was points well spent?”

“Why don’t we walk in and say, ‘You have ten seconds to surrender’?”
“No, this isn’t RoboCop. Or Judge Dredd.”

“I was going to play this guy as not an arsehole and then I opened my mouth.”

“I want to ride my hover-bike! I want to ride my biiike.” (singing)
“We could do an entire album: Shit Roleplayers Sing.”

“Is Victor having a stroke? With flags?” (Semaphoring is only useful when other people know semaphore)

“Dodge behind me!”
“But I’m in front of you!”
“Learn to phase through matter like Cat from the X-Men!”

“Is this the zombie apocalypse?”
“No, that was 20 years ago.”

“Aww, did you open up what is clearly the plague box?”

GM: “Make a Guts check.”
Player: “Is now the time to botch?”

“A good way to make the party invested in the adventure: you’re now quite diseased. Fix it!”

GM: “Fighting magic with magic is pretty much the only thing that works.”

Jack: “You’ll have to travel in the back.”
Maggie: “I have bigger problems than seating arrangements at the moment.”

“We got through a whole chapter in one session?! What the frick?!”

See you next week, ladies and germs!