Stop turning me into a Space Marine!

We didn't start the campaign this session either, because we were too busy continuing the character generation. This is serious stuff!

On the plus side, the GM had made a mistake with our Veteran choice, which meant that we had to do some rejigging of points and Edges/Hindrances. On the plus side, my character didn't have to have a major phobia against cold, tetanus and sitting down. Only getting one fate chip is probably going to prove inconvenient, but not as inconvenient as those phobias. So yay for that!

Courtesy of Tuesday 31 March 2015's Deadlands: Hell on Earth session at Chimera.

“When I was 23 or something like that …”
“Can you remember that far back?”

“NO! Where did your beard go?!”
“Same way my hair did.”
“But you look about five!”

“I don’t think mine or your characters are gonna get along.”

“Don’t talk to him! He’s moved on! He’s found men!”

“A super-powered browser spirit? What, like a FIREFOX?”

“You have nice legs, though.”
“I can’t sit down, I’d better have!”

“If we’re talking about ghosts that are after your broadband, we’re talking scary stuff indeed.”

GM: “The way it works is I deal out 12 cards.”
Player: “And I cry.”

“So you’re afraid of winters, night time, fridges, freezers, air con units, a slight breeze …”
“This is the sound of me despairing.”

“What are the rules for killing player characters again?”

“Shut up, I’m trying to power game here.”

“I’m not brave.”
“We know.”

“But one of those was a six, right?”
“It explodes.”
“Not on a fucking d10 it doesn’t.”

GM: “He spits at you instead.”
Player: “How rude!”

“He can’t penetrate me!”
“Are you disappointed?”
“Yes, terribly!”

“Stop turning me into a Space Marine!”

“It’s a force weapon!”
“Should I rename my character Luke?”
“Wrong type of force!”

Next week I'm checking out what it would be like to GM D&D, because we're a player down and our normal D&D GM said he would prefer to play in it, but the week after that we're actually going to start this campaign. :)