This is how the apocalypse starts

Having taken down the zombies posing as nice medics, we decided to head into the basement of the ruined compound, based on an intact power line leading down there. Duke fitted himself through a custom-made hole in the floor and had to step out of the armour in order to fit with the rest of us through an airlock.

On the other side was a laboratory with a couple of undead and a lady who turned into midges when confronted. It was difficult to do any damage to her, seeing as how she just disintegrated herself into a swarm of flies if we tried.

In the end, through the cunning use of roleplaying, we found some wasps and discovered they basically eat the pestilence midges, so we set them on the fly lady and when all was said and done, took the antidote and set the wasps free to remove the disease in the wild. And then we probably had a proper wash off, seeing as how some of us were covered in sewage from the last shower we had ...

Courtesy of Tuesday 28 April 2015's Deadlands: Hell on Earth session at Chimera.

“I haven’t seen Game of Thrones. Does that make me a bad person?”

“When this game starts, people are going to think this table is weirder than usual.”

“Thank you, my little friend! Thank you!” (rubs d20 on face)

“You don’t have to roll higher than you need, right?”

“Suffer not the mutants to live.”

Duke (picking up Maggie from the floor): “Sorry for the indignity, ma’m.”

Duke (over comms): “Guys, I think I’ve found the entrance.”
GM: “It would help if the others had comms gear.”

(Duke and Jack are arguing in the background)
Vince: “This is the reason why I can’t meditate for more than one minute.”

“You know we’re all going to die from this disease if you can’t make this roll, right?”
“No pressure then.”

“That could’ve been better.”
“Yes, it could.”
“Orright knobhead.”

“If you get the black joker again, I’m going to punch you in the face. In character, of course.”

Player: “Thanks for mentioning this earlier.
GM: “You’re the Medicine guy, you should know.”

Vince: “You have Thick Skin, right?”
Duke: “No. My mech armour's back out in the corridor.”

“You really should stop this dying, you know.”

“I like your character, though.”
“ALL my likeable characters die, okay?”

Player: “Any Bunsen burners?”
GM: “No.”
Player: “What kind of a lab is this?!”

“I’m tossing a lit bottle of whiskey at her. Molotov, midge bitch!”

“I don’t think she’s good.”
“Yeah, she does sound a bit Carmilla-ish.”

“Anything unusual about the wasps?”
“They have little red crosses on their backs; they’re clearly medics.”

“I grab hold of one of the wasp vials.”
“This is how the apocalypse starts.”

“I didn’t know we’d get to the point of tossing wasps.”

“He’s got four wounds to the guts. If someone tickles him, he dies.”

“I’m a man whose intestines are about to fall out. Do NOT test me.”

Next time we're doing D&D again, you guys!