Whoever dies first makes a tank

The new party lineup for taking on the Princes of the Apocalypse (Elemental Evil) campaign are as follows:

  • Aial, Aarakocra Rogue
  • Kyla Therian, Asamar Bard
  • Lo-Kag Skywatcher Katho-Olavi, Goliath Paladin of Tyr
  • Schnicktick of the Crystal Fist, Deep Gnome Wizard

The party started out looking around the town of Red Larch, trying to find out more about a party from Mirabar who were supposed to have passed through the area recently, but never made it to their destination. Investigations eventually led them to some shallow graves.

Courtesy of Tuesday 5 May 2015's 5th Edition Dugeons & Dragons roleplaying session at Chimera.

Dungeons & Dragons

“We’re gonna try to overcome our problems with cantrips, aren’t we?”

“Chainmail takes something ridiculous to put on.”
“Not ridiculous. Realistic.”

“Whoever dies first makes a tank.”

“You don’t go in a lot of dungeons as a level two.”
“Says you.”
“Orright, you don’t go in a lot of dungeons and SURVIVE as level two.”

“Could it be that you and I would play characters that get along?”

“You’ve played with us long enough, you know we’ll be horrible to you.” (to GM)

“Which is funny because you look like a distorted Smurf.”
“Yeah, but Smurfs are cute, right?”
“Not grey deformed ones!”

“19 INT? That’s ridiculous. You’re a clever gnome.”

“GM’s just given us horses. We haven’t broken her yet.”

“You know I said S could GM for us more? I lied.”

“Could you shoot them with a real weapon?”

“Our characters are getting on. Doesn’t mean we have to!”

“He hits very hard. He doesn’t hit very often, but he hits hard.”

Not very long, and these things aren't going to be very long, due to me being busy trying to GM.