You can definitely feel the d4

Carrying on up the river, the threat of having his li'l Captain forcibly removed made the keelboat captain sing like a canary. Not that he had that much to say that the party didn't already know, but still.

The unconscious crew were set ashore a few hours upriver, while the party then moved on. After stopping off at Summit Hall to rest up, have a meal and dump the keelboat captain in a dungeon, they continued further upstream to where the people from whom Shoalar obtained a certain set of books had been ferried across. They then found the place of the ambush and made their way to the suspected hideout of the water cult.

Courtesy of Tuesday 2 June 2015's 5th Edition Dugeons & Dragons roleplaying session at Chimera.

Dungeons & Dragons

“If you’re that twisted now, you’ll probably stay that way.”

(shaking a set of metal dice in cupped hands)
“You can definitely feel the d4.”

“Just admit it, you’ve got a d4 fetish.”

Player 1: “Young people wouldn’t understand.”
Player 2: “I don’t understand it. Does that mean I’m young? I’m only a year younger than you, but I’ll take it.”
Player 3: “That must mean I’m a year younger than you as well! I’ll definitely take that.”

“If you ARE going down that road, I’m gonna be sick.”

Player 1: “You Nordics are WRONG.”
Player 2: “You remember the nationality of the game master, right?”
GM: “You suddenly encounter a DRAGON.”

“I like my hostages terrified. It makes them taste better.”

“Why did we go to Summit Hall? ‘Tis a very silly place.”

“How can it sound weird to us? We grew up with that shit.”

“We don’t call it ‘cookies’, we call them ‘kakor’.”
“And what does that translate as?”
“… Cookies.”

“What the fuck is this? CSI: Faerûn?”

“They actively went out of their home base.”
“Maybe they prefer B&Q.”
“Yeah, it’s better. Or Wickes.”

“Do you now want to do another Bullshit roll?”

Kyla: “I promised I’d castrate him if he lied.”
Aial: “Nah, that’s too noisy. I’m going to bed.”
Player: “Is this why you took the Silence spell?”

“I was only away for a few seconds and now we have a battle barge?”

We're off to see the cultists, the wonderful cultists of Rivergard Keep ...