Making your own gunpowder sounds way too methodical

This is short, but let's face it, it was a continuation of clearing out Rivergard Keep of a bunch of water cultists.

The party stormed the main keep, killed a wereboar, found a secret staircase and a hidden room, and really went to town on those cultists. They should now be considered a threatened species, soon to be extinct. As a GM, I'm very proud of them, of course.

Courtesy of Tuesday 23 June 2015's 5th Edition Dugeons & Dragons roleplaying session at Chimera.

Dungeons & Dragons

“The second game that came out in 1987.”
“Oh, granddad, I wasn’t alive back then!”

“So you got hold of gunpowder.”
“No, we made our own.”

“That’s really the big mistake, by the way. Never make your own fuse.”

“We used nitroglycerin.”
“I have a friend who did that. He dried it in his mum’s oven. Not recommended, by the way.”

“This sounds way too methodical. Are you feeling okay?”

“I kick in the door and loot the room. Oh wait, this isn’t Munchkin.”

“Your mother was tasty for breakfast!” (taunting a wereboar)

“I no longer want to become a wereboar. I want the BIRD to become a wereboar!”
“Pigs CAN fly!”

“You could grapple him.”
“That could end badly.”

“Get me back the clever player we had this morning!”

“He’s a paladin, he doesn’t get dirty. It’s a feature.”

“He’s so dead his children have died.”

Next time, we actually DO finish up up the slaughter of raid on Rivergard Keep.