The 40k universe is lovely

Here is a post containing quotes from two sessions: first, the character generation session and then the first actual session.

The crew are aboard the Arkadius, and went to look for a derelict ship that disappeared around 50 years ago but appeared to have been stranded near a planet for thousands of years.

Most of the player characters decided to have a look outside the Arkadius, except for Rusty, who sent Brian the trainee instead, because s/he didn't want to risk another ship getting stolen from under his/her nose.

The player characters are as follows:

  • Fulgentius Sophus, Explorator and mostly metal
  • Nemiel, Librarian (not the Syfy channel or Dewey decimal kind, the Deathwatch kind)
  • Orlandis of House Dravonica, Rogue Trader and Captain of the Arkadius
  • Rusty, Voidmaster of unknown gender who is a leaf on the wind

Courtesy of Tuesday 7 July 2015's Rogue Trader roleplaying session at Chimera.

Rogue Trader logo

“When you said M&S …”
“Oh. Not Marks & Spencer then.”

“There’s an M&S on board, and it’s required for the ship to run!”
“They tried installing a Waitrose once, but it fell into Chaos.”

“Deathworld, where everything tries to kill you. Basically Space Australia.”

“You know how you worried about people not being dicks?”

Player 1: “How does a Reaver clean a spear? With a Wash.”
Player 2: “Too soon.”
Player 3: “I’m sad now.”

GM: “Are you a man or a woman?”
Rusty: “Yes.”
GM: “Did you START as a man or a woman?”
Rusty: “Yes!”

Player: “I was listening to the GM there for a moment.”
GM: “Yeah, I wouldn’t.”

“We have a Teleportarium. It’s a teleporter.”
“It’s an -arium because it’s 40k. Does the ship also have a toiletarium?”

Tuesday 14 July 2015:

“My character’s just a pious dickhead.”

“Pizza’s not dinner. No. Wait. It is. Pizza’s not cake.”

GM: “There is no Germany in this game!”
Player 1: “Space Germany!”
Player 2: “Isn’t that the Imperium?”
GM: “No, they’re Space Nazis.”

“I like people.”
“Shut up, you misanthropic liar!”

Player: “Are all of the NPCs wearing red shirts?”
GM: “No.”
Player: “Then we’ll have to have them fitted for uniforms suitable for their station.”

“Here are British sweets for British people.”
“I heard a sub-text in her voice there. They are clearly inferior sweets …”

Rusty: “I’m just here to fly the ship and play with plastic dinosaurs.”

GM: “Rogue Trader – undertake some form of bureaucracy before you get to play.”

GM: “Roll below 16.”
Player (not hopeful): “It COULD happen.” (Rolls 009) “It happened!!”

Fulgentius: “This is why we use metal instead of flesh. It’s much stronger. And better.”

Orlandis: “Note to self: setting the Librarian loose on the populace might be a bad idea.”

GM: “From gazing upon the Emperor, their eyes melt. The 40k universe is lovely.”

“If you have 100% in a skill, it’s much easier to get a success.”

“I’m not going near that ship. I’ve seen Event Horizon, I know how this ends.

“When you adjusted your t-shirt, I thought it lit up, like you turned a light on.”
“You REALLY need to go to bed.”
“Yes I do.”

“I think we’re off to a rollicking good start at getting ourselves killed.”

More next week!