If everyone hates you, you have to be clever

Here's another collection of quotes from our Victoriana game, played over a few weeks in July and August 2012. This is part two of the character generation session, so nothing in particular happens, aside from generating characters and talking bollocks.

We were going to be playing Rogue Trader, but unfortunately one of the players called in sick, so we played Forbidden Stars, a 40k boardgame, instead, which I inexplicably managed to win. But, in the words of Orson Welles, "If you want a happy ending, that depends, of course, on where you stop your story", which is basically what happened.

Courtesy of 24 July 2012's 2nd Edition Victoriana adventure at Chimera.

“We’re surrounded by stereotypes.”
“So what else is new?”

“YOU’RE Bane? High level game, then.”

“Second question: are there bats and have you broken them?”

“Can I do the accent?”
“You’re really gonna be a mad Scotsman?”

“Also, I’ve put Personality: feckin’ horrible. Social ethics: none. Hair: sticky.”
“Wait, does that say red hair?”
“Ahh man.”
“I’m Scottish.”

Player 1: “Oh no, you’re a red-haired sky pirate?”
Player 2: “No no, a red-headed SCOTTISH sky pirate elf.”
Cid: “I’d say not sky pirate, thanks.”

“We just realised none of us took Dynamite.”

“You aren’t someone who knows what he’s doing. I’ve discovered what I am: I’m a suicide bomber.”

Player: “We’ve got the Irish bomber, the Scottish pilot …”
Unlike: “I’m not Irish. This is not an Irish accent.”
Player: “Give it time.”

“Are we talking about sacrificial imps here?”
“You call them sacrificial imps, we call them soldiers of God.”
“No, they’re evil!”

(GM reads on Wikipedia that dynamite was invented by Alfred Nobel and patented in 1867)
“It’s new! And fun!”
“Yeah, literally this year.”
“And you’ve gone ‘I’m having that’.”

“Dynamite is something I picked up when I was last in Germany. I’ve got loads of it in the hold, it’s going to be amazing!”

“I don’t think we should question when dynamite was invented, because we’re in a FLYING SHIP, and I’m pretty sure they were never invented.”

“He’s got Wits of 4?! Jesus, he’s smarter than me!”

“If everyone hates you, you have to be clever.”

“It’s all gone a bit Laudanum.”

“Oh, guys, guys, guys, no! No! I am calling an end to this! ME! And I’m terrible!”

“The cast of Serenity in the first 30 minutes of that film rob a bank and hold people to ransom.”
“But they’re lovable!”

GM: “Just because I know where it starts doesn’t mean I know WHY.”

“I love you, man, but we do go off tangents whenever I play with you.”

“I like your tangents, I find them very entertaining.”

Michael was lovely until he was consumed by evil.”

“I’m 24, spinsterhood beckons! I need to marry someone eligible or my ovaries will catch aflame!”

For next week's post, we'll mostly be back to playing Rogue Trader!