We're all about the failing today

After the joinage of a brand new player to the group, the crew of the Arkadius now has an actual played Navigator! Lucius of House Brabazon, a.k.a. Eyes.

Most of the party went down to the planet and talked to people, rolled badly and waded around in mud and that sort of thing, while aboard the ship one of the flight crew - Steve - went missing. With Dave sent to find him, Dave also went missing. One of them was found smeared on the walls of his cabin ... and one of them Dark Eldar nearby. CLIFFHANGER!!

Courtesy of Tuesday 4 August 2015's Rogue Trader roleplaying session at Chimera.

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“That’s it, I’m now picturing Uncle Fester with augmentations … and a giant third eye.”

GM: “I have like a billion votes, so no, you can’t have 1500 XP.”
Player: “Tyrant!”

“Un, deux, trois, quatre, cinq, six …”
“Bless you?”

“You’re trying to kill us now, aren’t you?” (to GM)

“I fail.”
“WD-40 doesn’t work on Eldar tech. Have you tried Duck tape?”

“What do Explorators do when they’re alone with Xenos tech? Have sex with various access ports?”

“I have no way to track a Psyker. Follow the screams.”

“We’re all about the failing today.”
“I always fail.”

Eyes (standing in mud): “Stone was bad enough and now they’re using this kind of liquidy stuff.”

“That was more sensual than expected. Sensual rather than creepy.”

“What are you doing?”
“They’re trying to kill me so I’m trying to kill them.”

“What do they make these buildings from?”
“Flammable material.”
“That sounds very impractical.”

“Who wants to know these things?”
“Nerds. Nerds like to know.”

“Space Marine penises aside …”

“Make me …”
“Rolls of dear god, we’re all gonna die?”

“You know you’ve started a cult, right?”

Fulgentius: “I wonder if I could make money on selling an Orlandis filter.”

“Can we atomise mountain ranges?”

“Cake! You rolled cake!”

“Steve? Anyone’s seen Steve?”
“He’s a Chaos demon now.”

No, he's in absolute pieces. He's all over the place is what we're trying to say.