What kind of a spaceship IS this?!

With Steve and/or Dave being a new wallpaper pattern, it was glaringly obvious we had a bit of an Eldar problem aboard the Arkadius. Rusty managed to shoot one to oblivion before Nemiel showed up. Fulgentius tracked down all the intruders for us to take down. There were flamethrowers shot down airshafts and everything!

On the bridge, Orlandis used gravity (or lack thereof) to play Asteroids with dead bodies and a hidden Eldar. Lucius wasn't too keen on being thrown around the place thanks to the creative piloting.

Once the intruders were dispatched of, a team were sent down to the planet below to infiltrate a mountain complex. Turned out to sort of be less of a mountain and more of a problem. A problem which wasn't solved when Nemiel managed to summon a demon prince from the Warp.

But at least we fired a warning flare first ...

Courtesy of Tuesday 18 August 2015's Rogue Trader roleplaying session at Chimera.

Rogue Trader logo

“The problem with you being funny while I’m eating is that I can’t write stuff down, and now that I can, I don’t remember what you said that was so funny.”

“It just shows that he’s kind … sometimes.”
“How much did he pay you to say that?”

GM: “Rogue Trader with a Space Marine thrown in … because I wanted one.”

“You escalated quickly.”
“That’s what I always do.”

“There’s no button to press to close the door? What kind of a spaceship is this?!”

“It’s an ex Eldar.”
“He’s pining for the fjords.”

“Don’t call him Mr Wizard, he’ll start wearing a wizard’s hat.”

“How many degrees did you fail by?”

Nemiel: “Stay behind me.”
Rusty: “Gladly!”

Orlandis: “Why would I chase down a Dark Eldar? I have people for that.”

Lucius: “Who’s piloting this thing?! I know it’s not Rusty because when Rusty pilots I’m not scraping against the bulkhead!”

“I’m not sure ‘massive’ is a quantifiable stat.”

Lucius: “Speaking as your navigator, YOU’RE GOING IN THE WRONG DIRECTION!”

“You have a psychic flamethrower? Okay.”

“Note to self: check value of litany bolt pistol on eBay.”

Rusty: “But sir, pirates!”
Orlandis: “I think you’ll find I’m a pretty competent pilot myself.”
NPC: “Sir, I think she said ‘pirate’, not ‘pilot’ ...”

“I’m sorry, I seem to have come down with some heresy.”

GM: “You enact Battle Plan Shit. What could possibly go wrong?”

Orlandis: “Who allowed this to happen?”
GM: “Rusty.”
Rusty: “What?”
Orlandis: “I’ll dock you one month’s pay.”
Lucius: “We get paid?!”

Player: “Are they allowed to have Righeous Fury?”
GM: “I’m saying yes.”

Nemiel (to Orlandis): “Your crew did … adequately. Some of them almost hit.”

“He might be sinister, but he’s OUR tech priest.”
“He’s not sinister, he’s just dodgy.”

“I need 500 XP.”
“That comes at the end of the session.”
“Yeah, but I need it NOW.”

GM: “First it’s them and then it’s all of you. I’m not too bothered about order.”
Player: “Only Chaos.”

“I’m leading the charge.”
“Good for you. I’m outta here.”

“Can we have 1500 XP for summoning the demon prince?”

“Who invited the Librarian to the party?”

“What’s the worst thing that could happen?”
“I think that has pretty much already happened.”

“So … are you ready to run Rifts?”

Next week's session might just happen to prove to be the concluding one ... in about five minutes.