Back to the scene of the final boss fight!

After Orlandis decided it wasn't the best idea in the world to kill the Sister of Battle after all, he and the rest of the ground party carried on into the heart of the icky flesh mountain. They encountered the final boss creature thing and killed it.

I believe there is a big crater in the ground where flesh mountain used to be.

Meanwhile on the ship, the space crew continued with repairs and preparing for the attack of the Tyranids. And then they lived happily ever after ... or at least until we pick up the story again at some point. :)

Courtesy of Tuesday 8 September 2015's Rogue Trader roleplaying session at Chimera.

Rogue Trader logo

“I might go there because I like offensive levels of garlic.”

“No one who doesn’t hate themselves invented Rifts.”

“I call it the Colonel.”
“Does it produce chicken?”

“What was the name of the god we destroyed?”

“You don’t have to take Demolitions to use it.”
“No, but it’s recommended.”

Player 1: “Shut up, you’re like four fucking days late.”
Player 2: “I’m pregnant?!”
Player 3: “And I’m the father.”
Player 4: “Then I’m the Holy Ghost.”

NPC: “If you had done it your way, the planet would have been lost.”
Orlandis: “You can’t prove that.”
NPC: “I believe I can.”
Player: “He’s the GM.”

“He said the Emperor was WRONG!”
“The Librarian’s head just exploded.”

“I could give you visions of your future … but you annoy me.”

Player 1: “I’ve been taking calls for six weeks.”
Player 2: “And the company’s stocks have plummeted.”
Player 3: “Let’s not be too harsh on him. They’ve crashed.”

GM: “Anyway. Back to the scene of the final boss fight!”

“Volcanoes are common here.”
“They are now!”

GM: “Roll me …”
Player: “Jesus, rolling! I haven’t done this for WEEKS!”

“You haven’t materialised in the universe and he’s already told you how easy it would be for him to kill you!”

Player: “A squad of five Marines? What a coincidence.”
GM (counting players): “One, two, three, four … no!”

“Magic Pigeon? I don’t care what it says, you need to get that spell!”

“You’re nowhere near a planet.”
“Yes we are!”
“You’re nowhere near a planet with a shop.”

Saint: “I’ve come to give you something.”
Player: “Syphilis!”

“Who put 50p in the dickhead?”
“Come on, that was at least £1.”

Next session we will mostly be boardgaming, for we are a couple of players down.