We had our chance of dying horribly but we failed

Better late than never, right?

Nemiel managed to one-shot kill the demon prince and the group lived to fight another session. Somehow, despite a surprising number of botches around the table, we made it to the end of the session with only minor mental trauma - and a dead NPC, which Orlandis took very hard because they were friends.

Meanwhile on the Arkadius, the ship was being shot at from the ground and had to go into hiding behind a moon. Oh, and a small group of Tyranids are coming our way. Fun!

Courtesy of Tuesday 1 September 2015's Rogue Trader roleplaying session at Chimera.

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Player: “Last time I checked there was no Kill Demon Prince skill in the game.”
GM: “Yeah, it doesn’t exist.”
Player: “IT SHOULD DO!”

“I only need to put in stats.”
“Great, so we’ll start playing in about four weeks.”

Player: “Could I get some kind of time travel device?”
GM: “No. This is not Harry Potter and you are not Hermione.”
Player: “I’m sure you can find similarities.”

Player: “When you say demon prince, are we talking like the Prince George of demons?”
GM: “No, it’s not a demonic toddler with a death rattle.”

“What if the demon prince was Prince?”
“Short, purple and creepy?”

“We need not just to succeed but exceed this session, methinks.”

“It was a pleasure. Nice knowing you.”
“It’s been fun.”

GM: “I’m really sorry you’re stuck on the ship this session.”
Rusty: “I’m not!”

“Why are you addressing me? I’m not there!” (to GM)

GM: “Why do you get a +10 bonus?”
Player: “I’m arguing for it.”

Orlandis: “Soldier, give me your gun.”
Soldier: “No. We’re inside a thing.”

“It’s a hit! It’s a hit! Miracles!”

“Now that we’ve opened up the sphincter, so to speak …”
“That’s a sentence you don’t get to say very often.”

“Can you imagine if the Imperium got a Death Star?”

“I want a Slanesh Borg cube.”
“You will be … assimilated. Resistance is … very much hoped for.”

GM: “Your Rogue Trader may be an idiot.”
Player: “MAY be?”

“I can hear you.”
“No, you can’t!”

“We had our chance of dying horribly but we failed.”

“We’re not combat characters.”
“I’ve noticed.”

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