We need a flowchart at this point

We're doing a bit of boardgaming at the moment because various people can't make the sessions for various reasons.

Last Tuesday, we played Once Upon a Time, which went from a children's game to something along the lines of Game of Thrones, but even more convoluted - hence the need for a flowchard. We followed this up with A Study in Emerald, where the game play was straightforward but the setup was about as convoluted as the previous game's storyline.

The bonus round was written down playing Boss Monster, Runecast and King of Tokyo. There were some spectacularly bad foreign accents during Monty Python Fluxx as well ...

Courtesy of Tuesday 15 September 2015's boardgaming session at Chimera.

“This one we leave unchanged.”
“But it changes all the time! That’s the whole point!”

“Everyone’s already impoverished.”
“No, it’ll get worse. Just look at the last Olympics.”

“We need a flowchart at this point.”

“This is a game for CHILDREN!”
“Not anymore.”

“I don’t do confused, I do superior. Not very well.”

“This is the fun part.”
“There’s a fun part?”

“No one is naturally that shade of orange.” (David Dickinson)

“Why aren’t the Freemasons in America, looking for things Nicholas Cage’s family’s hidden?”

“Can you put him out of our misery, please?”

“Why are you trying to steal Vienna off me if it means nothing to you?”

And as a bonus round, because the above was a bit short, here's a bit from Saturday 19 September 2015's Boardgames Day at Chimera! :D

“Nothing’s better than a cyborg ape from the future! Except maybe a cyborg ape from the PAST.”

“I’m not gonna get started on Zack Snyder. I promised myself I wouldn’t. It’s bad for my blood pressure.”

“DC will always be better. – I can’t believe I’m having this argument wearing an Avengers t-shirt.”

“I saw the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie last week.”
“You poor soul.”

“His hair is surprisingly silky! Come on, stroke the Hulk!”

“Are you touching his crotch? Are you molesting the racoon?!”

“Why would you be such a tosser?”
“Because I can.”

“Shia LaBeouf is a crap actor, but I wouldn’t crucify him.”

“I thought I had something but I didn’t.”

“Is he cute?”
“In a murderous way.”

“I’m no chicken panda!”
“You’re a weirdo.”

More shenanigans next week!