There are Reavers in St Albans

Again we were a couple of players down so we settled in for another game of the Firefly boardgame. This time we played with all the expansions - specifically, the Blue Sun expansion which we hadn't tried previously.

We also had another player joining in, as he saw us setting up and hadn't played the game. Unfortunately none of us actually won by the time we had to start putting all the stuff back in the box, but we were quite happy to just enjoy the ride along the way. After all, the Firefly 'verse is pretty darn shiny.

Courtesy of Tuesday 20 October 2015's Firefly boardgaming session at Chimera.

“It’s Derby! Everything’s worse there!”

“He was so salty he would’ve gone nicely with liquorice.”
“Oh, you Swedes.”

“My win condition will be ‘fuck J’s shit up’.”
“My win condition will be to NOT have my shit fucked up.”

“Would you believe I have a music degree?”
“Me neither.”

“Don’t be a knob.”
“It’s far, far too late for that.”

“I’m a bit short on cash.”
“I’m a bit short on fugitives personally.”

Player 1: “Can someone go there and get it just to make him cry?”
Player 2+3: “He’s not [absent player].”

“There are Reavers in St Albans?”

“I suddenly feel quite satisfied.”

“I’m Early. You’re about to be late.”

“How many sneezes to an orgasm?”
“Not enough.”

Sort of looks like we'll be playing Firefly again next session. We'll get back to boardgaming soon ... I really hope, because I'm getting withdrawal symptoms over here!