I can't kill my character, I'm the Chosen One

We were on our way to a town we were supposed to be investigating when Booker got distracted by some lights. Turned out that Hecate wasn't keen on him going there, but we ended up going anyway.

Encountered a Shemarrian, who informed us that reinforcements were coming and that we couldn't enter the town in question because humans are puny, even if they're the Chosen One. Gorbash went anyway. Alistair got fed up with the Shemarrian and went to a nearby nexus point.

The town was full of dead people. The Shemarrian wanted to add Booker to that pile, but Jayson intervened and she skidaddled. Apparently she had trouble seeing the Cyber-Knight and kind of thought Booker managed to stop bullets in the air.

The nexus point was full (oh well) of necromancers. Alistair called for backup, and we rushed to his aid. By this point, both Elyssia and Alistair had managed to get soul tag-alongs as well, and after getting rid of the necromancers, everyone except Booker was about to be sucked through a portal to Nxla.

Booker, now having come to terms with being the Chosen One, put his gun skills to good use and severed the soul links and thereby saved the rest of the party from being sucked through the portal.

This was not quite what the GM had in mind, and we ended up actually finishing this chapter of the adventure. Oops? We did it in an epic fashion, though, so points for that, surely. We set it up so nicely for the next season ...

Courtesy of Monday 23 November 2015's Rifts roleplaying session at Chimera.

“I’m confuuused.”
“Of course you’re confused. It’s Rifts.”

Rifts isn’t complicated, it’s just inconsistent.”
“One, two, three, four, five character sheets and I still feel like I’m missing things.”

“It teleports you to Atlantis where Splugorth are just churning out Rifts books.”

“I can’t kill my character, I’m the Chosen One.”

Alistair: “Why are we going to Magestar?”
Booker: “Because I have a good feeling about it. Also: I’m the Chosen One.”
Gorbash: “Wasn’t the last time he had a good feeling about something when he got the Splugorth symbiote?”

“Guys, get a room.”
“We’re in a room. Just because it’s a public space …”

GM: “When you successfully pummelled the prisoner to death …”
Player: “Excuse me: executed the criminal.”

“He was following the words of his god.”
“This is a good time to become an Atheist.”

Alistair: “I have good reasons for not liking Hecate.”
Jayson: “So do I. It’s called taste and decency.”

“Un momento, God wants a word.”

Booker: “FINE. We go to Elder Town.”
GM: “Crap.”

“On second thought, let’s not go to Magestar. ‘Tis a silly place.”

“Doesn’t look bad.”
“Doesn’t look good either.”
“Doesn’t look armoured.”

“I’m gonna name this character McHelpful.”

Booker: “Do you know how headsets work?”
Elyssia: “I’m from Psyscape, I’m not an idiot.”

Gorbash: “How does it taste?”
GM: “It tastes absolutely vile.”
Player: “That sentence didn’t end the way I expected.”

“So you don’t have short, blonde hair?”
“I’m a … lesbian?”
“What? Short, blonde hair makes you a lesbian?”

GM: “Someone here doesn’t currently need to breathe.”
Player: “Yeah, but it’s a habit and it’s hard to kick.”

Booker: “Are you saying I’m a liar as well as being puny?”
Shemarrian NPC: “Yes. You’re a human.”

“This is what I wanted to do earlier but I thought you’d disapprove.”

“Who actually likes Splugorth?”
“Besides them?”
“Splugorth followers.”

Booker: “Are we gonna go straight into trap #3 or are we going to plan first?”
Alistair: “I’ve already walked into it!”

GM: “You have no idea what spell he’s casting, but it’s bad.”
Player: “Yeah, I figured.”

“Are there any small girls around I can use as a shield?”

“I have the Dance skill.”
“I know, but this suddenly got weird and sort of homoerotic.”

“You have sub-optimal dice.” (after rolling 11 using another player’s 6d6)

“I’m here to save Morgan and kick ass – and I’m all out of Morgan.”

“Can someone talk me through levelling up? Because character creation was traumatising.”

GM: “We finished on time. It wasn’t even intentional. I didn’t know how to save you guys.”

Next session we're going to plan what to do after Christmas ... over some amusing cardgames.