Morality is overrated in the 'Verse

Again we were a couple of players down so we decided to play the Firefly boardgame with all the expansions again (except the Kalidasa expansion, which we didn't know about until we had finished). This time we actually managed to get a winner, and with a little time to spare! It was a closely fought match.

People were eaten by Reavers, the Alliance space deck was reshuffled an ungodly amount of times and fun was had.

First, however, we start with some "before the session" chatter from Facebook because this is why I love our group!

Courtesy of Tuesday 28 October 2015's Firefly boardgaming session at Chimera.

Player 1: “Hey, what we doing tomorrow as P and K are missing?”
Player 2: “Sacrificing you to our heathen gods?”
Player 3: “Aaaw, am I missing out on the yearly sacrifice event?”

“So other than ritually sacrificing me, what's the plan for today?”

“...As you've missed out on the past few weeks.”
“‘Past few weeks.’ ~grumbles~ Over a month! Over a whole month! ~sobs uncontrollably~”
“But you have been gallivanting around for some of that in the frozen wilds.”
“I was about to dispute this, but I am guessing -4°C does count as frozen ...”

“Occasionally we blow up aliens if they have stuff we want.”
“To destroy.”

“I’m surprised you haven’t heard about it, because for the past month he’s spoken of nothing else.”
“Must’ve been on Wednesdays.”

“Those were my tactics.”
“To bravely run away?”
“Tactically retreat. …Okay, bravely run away.”

“I object!”
“You don’t count, you’re not a person.”

“I’ll have to rely on A not screwing me over.”
“I wouldn’t count on that.”

“There’s moral like Mal and then there’s you.”

“Morality – it’s overrated.”

“You would’ve been so salty we would’ve needed to nickname you Utah.”

“He has been upgraded from Utah to the Dead Sea.”

A couple of days later (Thursday 29 October 2015) three of us met up and played Pandemic, Exploding Kittens and Monty Python Fluxx ... and tried IKEA's tree-flavoured (yes, really) iced teas. One with pine flavour and one with birch flavour. How they went down, all except the last quote can testify ...

“It has to be good for you or how else could they sell this?”

“Even Pepsi can’t make it go away!”

“It’s kind of bitter as an after-flavour.”
“‘Kind of’?!”

“The more you smell it, the more it smells like Toilet Duck.”

“First one to lose has to drink the TEA.”

“He could be bluffing.”
“A man with a beard like that?”

Short again, but hopefully a bit longer next time. :)