Let's be mean in game terms!

Because people are away next week and we finished this bit of Rifts last week, we decided to play some light boardgames, i.e. cardgames, namely Exploding Kittens followed by Cards Against Humanity.

Meanwhile, we tried to figure out what we want to do after the Christmas and New Year's break. It's looking like we're starting out by trying the Doctor Who roleplaying game, so that should be interesting. We're all going to be inept companions, no doubt ...

Courtesy of Monday 30 November 2015's Cards Against Humanity and Exploding Kittens session at Chimera.

“In order for you to call our liquorice evil, you have to actually try it.”
“How do you know he’s not a paladin with a Detect Evil spell?”

“He got sucked off and now we have to get him back.”
“Sucked off by Nxla specifically. Plot ideas!”

“I play my favourite character of ‘I hitty hard’ now.”

“Apparently your inability to sing sounded like the intro to that song.”

“Let’s not fanboy over this.” (is completely ignored in favour of ongoing argument) “Well, I tried.”

Player 1: “That’s what SHE said!”
Player 2 (to P3): “I dunno, did you?”
Player 3: (shakes head)

“How much of a dick should I be?”
“You can be the biggest, blackest dick now.”

“Dude, I’m backing up your argument.”
“Yeah, but I hate you.”

Cards Against Humanity! Let’s be mean in game terms!”

“You’re not sick enough.”

“‘Dem titties – good to the last drop’. Who’s five?”

“‘This year’s hottest new album is a soulful rendition of Ol’ Man River by a fat, bald man on the internet.’ That’s too real.”

“Your face is a context!”
“Why, thank you!”

“I love that my darkness is under-rated!”

“Why are we playing the Swedes again?”
“Someone has to.”

“I ate his liver with some cannellini beans and a nice tomato sauce. F-f-f-f. Heinz.”

“My card is suitably Monty Python.”
“Stop that, it’s silly.”

There is unlikely to be a post next week, but there should be one again the week after.