Rapid fire!!

In a session where apparently it was difficult to remember that Kon and Nole are gender-swapped in relation to their players, we finally did what we were meant to do - take the Interdictor. Yay for us! There were epic lightsabre fights between Sarge and the Inquisitor, including some obligatory impressive jumping between floors.

Thus concludes this adventure.

Unfortunately in the process, we lost Declan, and with that his ability to roll extremely well, not to mention that he was personable - unlike NG, who, as it turns out (and unbeknownst to the rest of the party), had murdered him. Once an assassin droid, always an assassin droid. :( There was something about "Rebel scum" and hidden programming. Next time we do Star Wars, we're so screwed.

("Rapid fire" has been established as that's what Nole apparently says when he, ehh, reaches a critical point in his bunk.)

Courtesy of Monday 28 March 2016's Fantasy Flight Star Wars roleplaying session at Chimera.

Star Wars Roleplaying Game

Rifts is a game for power gamers by power gamers.”

“My combat skills are laughable at best.”

“Covering yourself in explosives and being in a gunfight is not considered a smart move.”

“So the best way to describe them is a Star Destroyer with piles.”

“Is now a bad time to ask what Declan would’ve rolled?”

“If you come within 50m the guns won’t fire. It’s a health and safety thing.”
“You think the Imperials have health and safety? Oookay …”

“Why does his entrails spell out ‘ENG’?”

“Creme Eggs aren’t very nice and now my teeth hurt.”

“You should’ve had a lightsabre prophylactic. It would’ve been safer.”

“I’ll just check Space Google.”
“Spoogle! Check Spoogle!”

“Trustworthy guy, that.”
“With a name like Grima WORMTONGUE …”

“You’re not helping.”
“I’m not trying to help, I’m mocking.”

“We did technically die, but we got better.”

Player 1: “You’re a man playing a woman, and you’re a woman playing a man.”
Player 2: “Yes, we’re progressive like that because we’re Scandinavian.”
Player 1: “Or because you’re weird.”
Player 3: “I’m not sure if that’s flattering or not.”
Player 2: “It’s nice to be a bit peculiar.”
Player 3: “Yeah, being normal sounds boring.”

Inquisitor: “Where you see chaos, I see order.”
Player: “You say potayto, I say potaaato.”

Inquisitor: “Why do you think the Jedi failed?”
Player: “Because you lot murdered them all.”

“I’m gonna flick my arm out and activate my lightsabre at him.”

“I stop and clock him in the face.”
“But you’re escaping!”
“Yeah, but this is more fun.”

“You’re there to make sure the NPC lives, because he’s more important than you.”

“You’re his second in command.”
“Because I’m such leadership material.”
“That’s why you’re second in command.”

“Every time I fight this guy I’m going for his face.”

GM: “High or low?”
Player: “High.”
GM: “You must’ve been.”

“My mind never left the gutter.”
“I’ve noticed.”

“Unfortunately the special soldiers aren’t special in a special forces way … more of a Simple Jack way.”

Player: “Are we shooting things?”
GM: “Not unless you don’t want to.”
Player: (looks at GM like he’s insane)

Nole: “Make love not war, man!”
Player: “Nole?!”
Nole: “With GUNS! TO guns!”
Player: “Making love to guns? – Rapid fire!”

“I loved that crack. It caused all kinds of trouble.”
“Do you want to say that again? That you loved the crack?”

“You don’t see Luke Skywalker parrying laser shots until Episode Three. Six! Five?”

Sarge (to Inquisitor): “Yeah, you’re not evil. You’re the picture of order and mental health.”

Next time we're levelling up our Rifts characters followed by some boardgaming. See you then!