Let's see if Nxla can be distracted by ice cream

We're in Nxla's realm! Or, as we found out later, not Nxla's realm at all, but a place where he'd once got to and liked it so much he decided to stay.

A bit of Nxla was found playing with some kind of creature on one side, and on the other, a human being brutalised by some other kind of creature, a sort of lizard-cat type thing carrying a globe. We made short work of the creature and rescued the human. Yay for us!

Unfortunately, right about then the Nxla tentacle spotted Booker and we had to leg it. Being the slowest one in the party, Jayson was picked up by Elyssia and casually tossed over her shoulder. (Whether or not she took the opportunity to cop a feel, we'll leave unsaid.) Not the most dignified means of travel, but at least it was effective.

Meanwhile, Gorbash decided to play hide and seek with Nxla to avoid the rest of the party getting tentacled.

Turned out the lizard-cat people had a whole village where they were keeping stray humans safe, because they are good guys. And we just murdered one of them. Oops? Luckily for them, they have some kind of resurrection thing going on, so the one we offed won't stay dead for very long.

Pretty much all humans are in the lizard-cat village, so all we need to do now is to herd them back to the gate and wait for it to open so we can all go through and return home. Or at least that was the plan until we found out that Alistair is looking for the soul of his brother which he believes to be in this particular realm. Fun times await?

Courtesy of Monday 9 May 2016's Rifts roleplaying session at Chimera.

“That cost me two subplots and a minor character.”

GM: “What does Jayson do?”
Jayson: “He swallows.”
Player 1: “And that’s why all the boys love him.”
Player 2: “Is that an African swallow, or ...?”

“What’s coming over the hill, is it ...”
“A dragon badger?”

“The thing we can’t kill or the thing we most likely can’t kill?”

“I loved Dragonball Z as a child. Now I look at it and go ‘what was WRONG with me?’”
“You were a child?”

Player: “Brave, brave, brave Sir Alistair.”
Alistair: “At which point have I ever said I was brave?”

“If I could imagine a conversation in my head, it wouldn’t be with you fuckers.”

“Don’t worry. If it comes to it, I’ll mercy kill them both.”

“It’s growing. In height or width?”

“Why are you doing this? I’m trying to help you!”
“Because it’s funnier this way.”

Elyssia: “I can carry a ton.”
Alistair: “Jayson’s been eating a few donuts.”
Elyssia: “Hey, Jayson is a fine example of your species, leave him alone.”
Alistair: “The Chosen One is a bit flabby, though.”
Booker (affronted): “I RUN for a living!”

“But is she Megan Fox pretty?”
“No, Elyssia’s classy.”

Elyssia: “Gorbash! Now is not the time to do a Booker!”
Booker: “No, now is definitely the time to do a Booker! Start slowly, work your way up.”

“Fresh sentient being. Nom nom nom!”
“What is WITH you and eating sentient beings?!”

Player 1: “We’re back to innuendos again.”
Player 2: “We never left.”
Player 3 (grimly): “We’ll never leave.”

GM: “What are you doing?”
Player: “Sorry, I was distracted by ice cream.”

“The creatures that might be good. Especially if barbecued.”

“You say ‘accidentally’ as if he did this by mistake.”

GM: “What are you three doing?”
Player: “Eating, keeping an eye on Booker ...”
GM: “Okay, let’s skip to the exciting part!”

GM: “Roll a d100.”
Player (rolls, then cautiously): “High or low good?”
GM: “High is bad.”
Player (quietly): “94 ...”

“A lot of times you get things wrong and it makes roleplaying more interesting.”

“I have the patience of a god.”

Will next session be the last of Rifts for now? It might be, or it might not. At any rate it will be the first session held at our new venue, Odin's Table!