Does a low roll mean you fail early or very, very late?

Again, I was barely conscious during these sessions, which is why three of them are combined into one here, as not a lot of stuff was noted down at the time.

As you can tell from the dates, there were a few cancelled sessions during this time. During some of them we boardgamed, but quotes weren't written down. The week before the final session, we were supposed to have the final session, but umm ... character sheets and stuff were left at home, friends from Sweden were visiting and we ended up playing Cards Against Humanity instead. Like you do. *cough*

Courtesy of Monday 27 June/11 July/15 August 2016's Legend of the Five Rings roleplaying session at Odin's Table.

“Can I murder him?”
“Well, yeah.”

“I already planned to murder them. It’s part of my plan!”

“If they’re stealing from the Empire: death. If they’re tainted by the shadow: death.”
“So basically: death.”

“If the entire village dies in the wilderness, does anyone care?”

GM: “You feel a … shift.”
Player: “I thought you were going to say something entirely different then.”

“What, the insane people? Don’t worry about them.”
“Or maybe you SHOULD worry! A lot!”

“They’re gone? But I didn’t buy all of them!”
“No, but you bought most of them.”

Player 1: “It’s your birthday as well on the 15th?”
Player 2: “Yes.”
Player 3: “You have this conversation EVERY year.”

“All the best people have birthdays on July 15th.”

GM: “I’m rolling really, really, really good.”
Player: “Oh is THAT where my rolls are going?”

“I can’t stop rolling 10s.”
“So give them to ME!”

“I will giggle with them.”

“Where am I at the moment?”
“You’re in a shop in Beeston.”

“I may be low honour but I’m not THAT low honour.”

“I’m getting Helm’s Deep flashbacks here.”

“Table for seven. Main course: death.”

“Mixed with the pear, 7-Up Mojito works quite well.”

GM: “What stance are you all in?”
Player: “What?”

GM: “Imagine a giant spider crossed with a centipede.”
Player: “I’d rather not.”

“If the absent player’s character dies and it’s our fault, is that bad?”

“You’re doing a thing?”
“I wouldn’t trust him!”

“Does a low roll mean you fail early or very, very late?”

“The number of ones I’ve rolled is concerning.”

Let's see if we can manage to schedule some more things for next Sunday! :o