Are we in an extended Shakespeare metaphor?

We ended up partaking in an M&M campaign, because it's nice to get the band back together, as it were.

It's taking place in three different times. In this particular session, modern day American characters somehow ended up transported to the island in Shakespeare's The Tempest, where they met a one-armed Russian teddybear with rocket launchers. Soooo yeah. :D

Courtesy of Sunday 25 June 2016's Mutants & Masterminds adventure at Odin's Table.

“Team Anarchist!”
“That’s not cool.”
“It’s cool if I say it’s cool.”

PC: “Librarian, what actually happened?”
GM: “Aaaaaand cue flashback!”

GM: “You are now filled with uncontrollable rage, like the emoji.”

“It starts anime-spraying red from her side.”

GM: “What do you want to do?”
Player: “Watch in horror?!”

“I didn’t realise you guys had given birth to a banshee.”

“I usually only get that angry when fascists are trying to take my phone. Hey, would you look at that!”

“Can I be a conscientious objector to the work that needs to be done?”

“The school is gone! You have no authority here! Deception!”

“Is a sub-objective anything like a submarine?”

“If snakes were found in an alternate dimension, would that be snakes on a plane?”

(rubbing out a ritual to another dimension) “Well done, Harry Potter.”

“You’re really creeping me out.”
“Yeah. Yeah, I am.”

“Who’s going to Scotland? It’s like dying but it rains more.”

“Prospero? Are we in an extended Shakespeare metaphor?”

GM: “It can be moved around, as long as it’s in these blocks. On a 22 you can recognise this tech as--”
Player: “LEGO?”

“Oh so you’re NOT the Bard, you’re just some weird Bard fetishist?”

“The Eiffel Tower didn’t move. It walked to the Middle East and died.”

“Are you mocking me? I have rocket launchers!”

“Let’s go blow up Shakespeare!”
“With a teddybear’s rocket launchers!”

“A blue cyclone of energy.”
“Like a TEMPEST of energy?”

More next week!