There are no nice guys in this game

We're back in Rifts, and we had a run-in with the Shemarrians. Elyssia took on one of them to proove herself worthy of looking after the squishy humans - especially the completely useless males (cue Jayson looking both confused and affronted, and Gorbash looking ... well, he's a dragon, so he wasn't really involved) - and they eventually agreed that maybe a demigod isn't so bad at the whole protection thing after all.

Courtesy of Monday 22 August 2016's Rifts roleplaying session at Odin's Table.

“That’s no iced finger, is it?” (other player’s face was all squished up from eating really sour sweets)

GM: “There are no nice guys in this game.”

Gorbash: “He took me under his wing. Metaphorically speaking – he isn’t also a dragon.”

“Telepathy is my new PowerPoint presentation!”

“We’re setting the bar. Not necessarily where it is, but where it’s supposed to be.”

“Booker banging the top Cyber-knight? What could possibly go wrong?”

Gorbash: “I think I’m the only character that needs an MDC condom.”
GM: “I just have a picture in my head now of two dragons mating, which is kind of distracting.”

GM: “There’s nothing in the Code about celibacy.”
Jayson: “No, there isn’t.”
Player: “Jayson checked. Multiple times.”

Player: “Sidequeeest!”
GM: “Or maybe main quest.”

GM: “He’s riding a large cybernetic T-Rex of some sort.”
Player: “Can I keep it?”

“Did that horse just ask me to get my tits out? I’m not okay with this. Are you okay with this?”

“Demigod, dragon, twat with armour, twat with Splugorth ... or Splugorth with twat. Has anyone ever seen this from the symbiote’s perspective?”

“They invited me into their society.”
“There was a lot of lube and a policeman’s truncheon involved. The policeman’s a giant.”
“It was a good night.”

“I say I’m Gorbash and give my lineage, adding Freer of Slaves, Protector of the Innocent ...”
“Mother of Dragons, the Unburned ...”

Elyssia: “I’m sooo tempted to say ‘these are MY males’.”
Player: “Do it! Fuck it, let’s see what happens!”

“Diplomacy 102: when Diplomacy fails, punch things!”

“Sometimes being the only woman in the party is fun!”

To be continued!